Marvel Studios theory to add to the X-Men that fans may not like

All Marvel Studios fans are looking forward to seeing the X-Men in this Cinematic Universe, but adding them is quite complex.

Since they started the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe in 2008 with the movies Hombre de Hierro Y The incredible Hulkthe story has always had a lot of coherence despite the fact that each year they add more deliveries and also now they also premiere series in the Disney Plus streaming platform. But the X Men they still remain a problem for continuity.

As shown with the movie The Eternalsthey spent a lot of time explaining where these heroes were all this time and why they didn’t intervene in preventing events like wars or confronting Thanos. In this case, the Eternals’ excuse is that they couldn’t interfere in the affairs of humans. But, for the X Men this does not work and that is why Marvel Studios could invent something else.

The solution may not please everyone.

For now, there are some rumors that some mutants will be added to the movie. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022). But in this case, it will be a «fan service» to see one last time Professor X from Patrick Stewart Y Wolverines from Hugh Jackman. So that in Marvel Studios they have plans to restart all the mutants and not damage the continuity of the movies and series.

Therefore, the solution could be that the x-men live in a secondary Cinematic Universe apart from the main one the Avengers and they only come together on rare occasions at big events like Secret Wars.

That is to say, they will do something similar to the SONY movies that have characters like Venom from Tom Hardy, Morbius from Jared Leto and soon Kraven the Hunter from Aaron Taylor Johnson. They all live on a very different Earth from the Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch or Thor.

So we could go so far as to say that the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe It would be divided into three. On the one hand, the main reality of the Avengersthen the reality of the characters of Sony related with spider-man and finally the reality of the X Men. Thanks to “multiverse” all this is possible. Although all fans may not like it, because all the characters would not be together, but they would be separated on different Earths.

This would be a simple way to explore all the mythology of the X Men without interfering in other stories and without having to explain where they have been all this time and why they did not help in the most critical moments for humanity.

Do you like this theory about Marvel Studios? While we wait for them to confirm how they handle all these characters, we can see the movies and the series in the Disney Plus streaming platform.