Marvel Studios to remove “Men” from the X-Men

Fans are looking forward to the X-Men coming to the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, although they intend to make major changes.

Since Disney I buy FOX, on Marvel studios recovered characters as important as the mutants of the X Men and The Fantastic Four. For now, they have already confirmed that they will make a Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm movie, but there is no release date yet. However, nothing is known about the X Men, since they want to spend some time to integrate them into the Cinematic Universe and will probably take advantage of the multiverse to make everything easier.

Now Marvel studios just amounted to Victoria Alonso, an executive who will have more control in the creative processes and she is very critical of the name of the X-Men, since she thinks that it is not very inclusive:

“I don’t know where the future is heading. It’s funny that people call them the X-Men, there are a lot of female superheroes in that X-Men group, so I think it’s out of date. “

So he will use his new influence on Marvel studios to press not to use the mark X Men, although that sure does not make him very happy Disney, since they know that these characters sell a lot, both in comics and merchandising. In addition, it could generate a great controversy that surely Marvel studios You don’t want to just when the mutants are introduced.

They will make solo movies.

It seems that it will take time to make a delivery of equipment where the X Men, given that Marvel studios wants to introduce the best characters one by one. Which does not mean that everyone has their own Disney Plus movies or series. Since Storm could debut in an installment of Black panther, since she is from Wakanda. But the one rumored to arrive first will be WolverineIn fact, the date that is speculated is November 8, 2024, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of its debut in the comics.

So if the X-Men lose the “Men” … what will they be called? Patrol X, Mutants X or simply X. What do you think of this decision from Marvel Studios? Leave us your comments below.