Marvel Studios wants to sign the director of The Batman

The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe intends to make a darker movie and they want Matt Reeves, director of The Batman, to be responsible.

There are still a few months to go batman, but everyone is looking forward to seeing what he has prepared Matt Reeves and the actor Robert Pattinson. Since all the advances are spectacular and also have moved away quite a bit from the other versions of the Dark Knight that we have recently seen in the cinema. While Marvel Studios It also has a lot of series and movies prepared for this year 2022.

Kevin Feig, head of Marvel Studios, is a declared admirer of the work of Matt Reeves. That’s why they want to count on him, for the future of the saga. In addition, surely you have received very good references from the actor Andy Serkis, who usually participates in his films with great characters like Cease in Planet of the Apes or alfred in TheBatman. You have to remember that Andy Serkis played Ulysses Klaue in Black Panther (2018) and has also directed Venom: There will be slaughter.

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They intend to add a more adult tone in the saga.

For now, it must be recognized that Marvel Studios makes films to encompass the largest audience. But add the dark tone of batman to the saga could break the mold. Something similar to what you can do moon knight, since we expect terror to be a fundamental element in the program that we will see in Disney Plus. So they are showing that they don’t mind trying new things that are very different from what the saga has offered us since 2008.

The most interesting thing will be to discover which character he could choose Matt Reeves to give life to Marvel Studios. Since after Batman it is difficult to select a better one. Above all, because it is very complex and has many nuances that make it unique. In addition, perhaps we will have to wait until the end of a whole trilogy about the Dark Knight, until you decide to change sides.

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