Marvel Wants Norman Reedus To Play Ghost Rider

The actor Norman Reedus could end up playing the character of Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM).

with the series The Walking Dead Very close to finishing the production of its last season, the cast is carrying out a series of interviews for different American media. One of them is Norman Reeduswho has spoken with Comic Book in exclusive. The actor who gives life to Daryl Dixon has its own television show soon, as well as a spin-off of The Walking Dead starring Daryl and Carol. However, there have been a lot of rumors that placed the interpreter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More specifically in the franchise Ghost Rider.

«Cross our fingers“Norman Reedus acknowledged to Comic Book when asked about this possibility. «I do not know, that’s the truth. There’s been a lot of talk in the last few years, but I can’t give you an answer«. The actor has openly acknowledged that he would be delighted to play Ghost Rider in the UCM. He is a big fan of marvel comics and also motorcycles. However, we do not know anything about whether or not we would end up seeing this actor in a role like this.

The Midnight Sons could end up opening the doors of Ghost Rider to the MCU

In fact, we are still waiting for Marvel Studios confirm your interest in announcing a project starring Ghost Rider. The door is open when it comes to telling a story about Johnny Blaze or perhaps, Robert Reyes. The positive part is that a group is beginning to form with The Midnight Sonswith guys like moon knight, Blade and else. So we may end up seeing this superhero a lot sooner than we expected. And it would be great if Norman Reedus had the opportunity to bring him to life, since he would be delighted; and us, too.