Marvel’s Avengers Celebrates One Year Anniversary With A Free Bundle For All Players

Marvel’s Avengers may not have had the best launch, or even the best few months after launch, but it’s now been a year since the game was first released, and developer crystal dynamics is celebrating with a slew of new content, including a free bundle for all players.

The bundle is available from September 2 to September 8, 2021 and includes a free new outfit, name tag and consumables. There is also a new quest chain for you to complete, which will be available from September 2 to 16, 2021.

To complete it, you’ll need to go through the main campaign and all the DLC released so far, so in total: the campaign, the reassemble campaign, Kate and Clint operations, and the War for Wakanda expansion.

Fortunately, if you’ve already completed them all, you don’t have to bother again and you get the reward for this, a nameplate to celebrate the anniversary.

Source – [Square Enix]