Marvel’s biggest flop is the most watched on Disney Plus

Disney Plus has managed to revive Marvel’s biggest recent failure on its streaming platform. It is among the most viewed in the catalog!

The streaming platform Disney Plus has managed to revitalize one of the biggest recent failures of Marvel at the cinema. We are talking about X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the last film of the mutant franchise in the hands of 20th Century Fox. The catalog of House of the Mouse included the tape The X-Men that adapts in what ways the ambitious Dark Phoenix Saga what would you devise Chris Claremont in his day. A film that was a real disaster in every way and that now has a second life.

Even if Eternals is now available on the streaming platform and series like Hawk Eye can be seen in its entirety in the catalog, the most viewed of Disney Plus has surprised viewers with the inclusion of this Marvel movie that absolutely no one expected. It is already among the 15 most consumed titles in the world. A real surprise, since X-Men: Dark Phoenix has never been valued as a good film, it has a 22% in Rotten Tomatoes and is much reviled by the public.

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The X-Men won’t be long in coming to the MCU

The future of mutants at Marvel Studios is going to be very interesting to explore. We’ve always believed that the X-Men could do really well in the streaming window. We are talking about a lot of mutant franchises that can have a place on Disney Plus, with series of all types and colors, with extraordinarily diverse protagonists and tones. We are very excited to see what they have in store for us. Kevin Feig and company with these characters.

Maybe the MCU Phase 4 do not end up introducing us to the mutants, although the latest rumors speak highly of these plans. Be that as it may, we are sure that we will enjoy as children watching The X-Men integrate into the cinematographic universe deployed by the studio. Surely they are such valuable assets that they will be essential in a matter of years. What do you think?