Mary Elizabeth Winstead talks about possible Huntress movie

Following the official announcement of the upcoming Black Canary solo film, serving as a Birds of Prey spin-off, the idea emerged that there might be another similar product based on Huntress.

Birds of prey It wasn’t even close to being one of the most watched superhero movies. In fact, it wasn’t even a huge box office or critical hit for DC. However, it seems that something about that whole project enchanted Warner Bros., to the point of thinking of getting a lot out of the plot. Huntress and Black canary it would be the axis of what is to come.

But just as the studio wants to stretch the story of said film, another element that they want to make the most of is the characters. It should be remembered that the production brought together a group of anti-heroines and villains from the universe DC, which had to stop the most dangerous criminal groups in Gotham.

One of the protagonists, Black canary, was played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell. As confirmed, the actress will give life to Laurel Lance in a spin-off. However, it will not be the only one to have more exposure.

The media affirm that the study already prepares a single of Huntress. This was brought to the DCEU in the skin of Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The interpreter gave her statements about the possibility. In addition, he referred to the film that his set partner will be starring in.

“I love her too! I am very excited about the movie Black Canary. I love Jurnee, I love the work she did and I can’t wait to see what they do with it. I have no idea what other characters will be potentially involved. I don’t know if Huntress will continue in any way. You know, there are so many different versions of Huntress, whether it’s in the comics or on TV and movies, so I don’t know if my version of her will continue. But, I love her and if there was an opportunity to do that, I would be willing to do it, so we’ll see! “, he claimed.

Source: Collider