Mass Effect Legendary Edition stats reveal top player picks, popular squads and Shepard gender preference

BioWare revealed some key stats for Legendary Mass Effect Edition, which contains some interesting data related to the Mass Effect 2 suicide mission, which gender of Commander Shepard humans is preferred, and much more.

First, players seem to prefer the male incarnation of Commander Shepard, with 68% of players choosing him over the female version. We’re still big FemShep fans here at PSU, for the record. Meanwhile, the Soldier is the most popular character class, while 94% of players were able to save Wrex on Virmire in the first game.

Meanwhile, regarding the main picks, 93% of the players decided to ally with the Rachni Queen, while 67% of the players chose to defeat the Reaper Breeder Queen. Additionally, 96% of Mass Effect Legendary Edition players saw Tali get graced in her storyline, and she ranks second to Garrus as the most popular squamate in the first Mass Effect.

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There are plenty of other interesting stats to look at, so check out the infographic below.