Master Chief dives into Fall Guys with Spartan Showdown challenges

The time has come, we are finally doing it, the great Bean-117… Our team here at Fall Guys HQ is very excited to collaborate with the amazing 343 Industries to bring Master Chief and much more to the Blunderdome!

Introducing our favorite petty officer in the Autumn GyourYes world in the best way we know how, with an action-packed in-game event! Spartan Showdown will be packed with new challenges, Bean-117 themed cosmetics, big explosions, and the chance to unlock the iconic Purrfect helmet.

But don’t take it away from me, play for yourself! The Spartan Showdown event is available to play from June 30 to July 4. Face the avalanche of challenges, win some gifts and raise your costume level to legendary.

With this monumental collaboration, we’re also bringing some very stylish cosmetics to the Fall Guys store! Do you fancy yourself a bit Brute, or maybe you prefer to play as John-117? Maybe you even want to mess around and be a Grunt? These are just a few of the Legendary items hitting the store, but get your hands on them quickly! They are only available from June 30 to July 4!

We are really very happy to bring such iconic items to Fall Guys, we are even more happy to be able to make it through such a chaotic and fun event! Lasting only 5 days, play the Spartan Showdown event on Fall Guys to unlock awesome prizes, and check out the Fall Guys Shop for limited-time featured Bean-117 cosmetics.

Ready to return to the Blunderdome? See you there, 117.

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