Matrix Resurrections: The Movie Script Made An Actor Cry

Matrix Resurrections is gearing up for its big premiere in December. The film will seek to exceed all expectations.

Fans of the franchise are eager to see The Matrix Resurrections. This film will feature the return of Keanu Reeves and other great performers, in addition to adding new faces to its cast. Recently, part of the team was part of an exclusive interview conducted by Entertainment Weekly, where they released details about the film and one of them revealed that he cried when he read the script.

“When I read the script for this movie, I cried, because the idea of ​​seeing these two iconic actors in these two iconic parts come back and fight to get their love back tore me apart.” Jonathan Groff commented during the interview. The truth is that few details are known about the actor’s character, but there is no doubt that he was excited about the return of the saga as it happened with all the fans.

The return of a great story

Matrix Resurrections will feature Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, who return to their iconic characters: Neo and Trinity. In the interview, the actor reveals why he decided to be part of the return of this franchise: “We had filmmakers you wanted to say yes to”, He says. Furthermore, he adds, «[teníamos] material you wanted to commit to, to give everything you could.

For her part, Lana Wachowski felt that the Matrix was her safe place, while going through moments that greatly distressed her: «My dad died, then this friend died, then my mom died. He really didn’t know how to process that kind of pain. I had not experienced it so closely … You know their lives are going to end and yet it was still very difficult. My brain has always come to my imagination and one night, I was crying and couldn’t sleep, and my brain blew up this whole story. And I couldn’t have my mom and dad, but suddenly I had Neo and Trinity, possibly the two most important characters in my life. It was immediately comforting to have these two characters alive again.

Matrix Resurrections hits theaters and at HBO Max on December 22.

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