Matrix Unreal Engine 5 demo has 1,248 intersections and 45,073 cars

If you haven’t downloaded yet The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience yet you really should. The demo is a stunning technical showcase of what Unreal Engine 5 and the current generation of hardware can achieve together: incredible photorealism and highly immersive interactive content.

Unreal Engine Copywriter Ross Hogben explained on the PlayStation Blog how The matrix awakens was created. The demo features 16 square kilometers of an open world city with 7,000 buildings made up of “thousands of modular pieces, each constructed from millions of triangles and enhanced with props, signage, rubble and more.” In addition, there are 1,248 simulated intersections, more than 260 km of roads and 512 km of sidewalks. But that is not everything! There are 45,073 parked cars in the demo, and 38,146 of them can be driven. Wow!

“This huge, dynamic environment is incredibly rich, complex and photo-realistic,” added Hogben. “It consists of billions of polygons streamed by Nanite, UE5’s virtualized micropolygon geometry system, and processed by PS5’s powerful CPU and GPU to deliver incredibly high levels of detail and visual fidelity.”

The matrix awakens‘environment is also a simulation. The traffic and the characters exist in the world whether you look at it or not. In other words, they are not generated based on where players look and go. As Hogben puts it, they are “actors in a global simulation that is constantly being evaluated.”

Seriously, you need to check out The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience for yourself. Like now.

[Source: PS Blog]