Matt Reeves reveals The Batman was over 3 hours long

The Batman hits theaters next Friday. Its director, Matt Reeves, reveals that the Bat Man movie lasted more than 3 hours.

Matt ReevesDirector of batman, has responded to criticism about the length of his film. The next film by the filmmaker responsible for the reboot trilogy of the Planet of the Apes is the first of the future trilogy of Robert Pattinson What Bat Man. A trilogy that will exist outside the continuity of the DC Extended Universein which we had Ben Affleck. After a few delays due to the pandemic, now the film will finally see the light next Friday, March 4.

In an interview given to New York TimesMatt Reeves dismissed all of these concerns, citing the film’s success in test audiences as indicative of the ability to batman to maintain interest and excitement among viewers. He admitted that it may seem daunting in theory, but not in practice. Viewers won’t even notice the length once the movie starts. That’s the immersion level of the tape. In addition, he has revealed that the version that hits theaters is shorter than some of the previous cuts that he made.

There were montages longer than the 3 hour finale!

«Once you go in to see the movie, the length ceases to be an issue. It is an immersive tape. It takes you and keeps you engrossed for all three hours. By the way, there were montages longer than the final cinema montage“said the director of batman. While three hours is plenty of time, superhero fans are unlikely to complain about this. All things considered, Avengers: Endgame proved that you can make a lengthy feature film that will keep fans guessing. And there are many other recent cases that consolidate those three hours in the cinema with Robert Pattinson and company.