Matt Reeves took scriptwriting lessons from a DC Comics star

The writer behind some of comics’ biggest influences on batman also taught screenwriting to Matt Reeves

Yes OK batman Marking Matt Reeves’ first foray into making a DC Comics movie, his connection to Batman unexpectedly stretches back decades, having had the great Jeph Loeb as his teacher.

Director Matt Reeves in an interview with Entertainment Weeklysaid that while researching comics for batman with Robert Pattinson, he discovered that two of his main sources of inspiration, Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victorywere written by Loeb, a screenwriter from whom he took screenwriting classes at the University of Southern California, Reeves recalled: “He was very responsible for me to pursue that because when I went to film school, I was very determined to be a director. He had always written what he was doing. When he was a kid and when he was making short films when he was young because I thought that these were the means to get to make a movie. And I never really separated the two.”

Taking these courses also greatly influenced Reeves’ screenwriting career, thanks to words of encouragement from Loeb. Reeves recounted: “When I was in screenwriting class [de Loeb], told me: ‘You have to continue with this because it is something that I feel that you can do’. When I started going through all the comics and saw that he had written them, I thought, ‘This is crazy. And then he loved me ».

In addition to being a long-serving writer for both DC and Marvel, as well as a former Executive Vice President of Marvel Television, Loeb wrote Batman stories that have influenced several DC adaptations in various media. Batman: The Long Halloweenwas adapted into two animated movies last year, served as a major influence on The dark knight of Christopher Nolan, particularly in his dynamic between Batman, Harvey Dent and James Gordon. In the same way, batman hush from 2002 became an animated film in 2019, while two Superman/Batman story arcs from his run became Superman/Batman: Public Enemies from 2009 and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse of 2010, respectively. Hush would also be incorporated into a side quest for the video game. Batman: Arkham City from Rocksteady Studio and its sequel, Batman: Arkham Knight.

After an advance screening of The Batman, Reeves explained how the long halloween influenced his portrayal of The Riddle of Paul Dano as a Zodiac Killer-inspired sociopath who leaves ciphers at crime scenes for Batman to decipher. A main aspect of the film will be Batman’s relationship with a young Lieutenant Gordon, whose rank in the Gotham Police Department matches the comics rather than his iconic Commissioner status. Other classic Batman enemies that appear in batman they include Catwoman and the Penguin, and there are rumors suggesting that Barry Keoghan (The Eternals) could play this universe’s Joker.