Media Molecule Announces Two Original Titles That Come to Dreams

DreamsCom ’21, a convention that takes place entirely within the creative platform of Media Molecule To dream, started today. While the next three days are sure to bring a lot of news about the game’s future, the developer revealed two Mm Originals titles coming to To dream relatively fast: TREN and Ancient Dangers: The Story of a Bat.

The first of the two titles, TREN, is a passion project of Media Molecule’s lead designer John Beech. The game is a “high-score chase, track building adventure’ where players drive a toy train and complete missions as they go. These can range from deliveries and rescue missions to speed challenges, usually based on physics puzzles. Completing the challenges quickly will give players a better score, but if you go too fast you will derail at the corners or lose your charge. Players can also control other vehicles, such as helicopters, which are tasked with transporting cargo from hard-to-reach places. There’s plenty of gameplay footage in the announcement interview with Beech, so take a look:

Ancient Dangers: The Story of a Bat is a fantasy dungeon crawler that tells the story of Scoria and Gabbro, two orc teenagers who team up to take out dangerous beasts in the depths of the dungeons. Players can take on the challenge solo or team up with a friend in local co-op. The game’s lead designer, Richard Franke, described how there will be two modes, one “for fun” and one “for glory”, the latter of which is your harder mode where you only have three lives, it’s much easier to get killed. and you do less damage, but you get a score that can be submitted on the leaderboards. The game will be released later this year and will come with the Ancient Dangers Kit.

DreamsCom will continue for the next three days. During that time, To dream players can meander through more than 40 halls filled with community-created stands showing off their in-game creations. There will also be plenty of Twitch streams featuring community interviews, trailers and demos, as well as the latest news for the game.

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