Meet Dawn of Ragnarök, the new expansion for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Dawn of Ragnarok It’s coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on March 10. Get ready for a new journey into the universe of Norse myths in the vast kingdom of the dwarves known as Svartalfheim. Dawn of Ragnarok centers on Odin (also known as Havi), who enters this strange new land on a quest to rescue his son, Baldr, from the indestructible fire giant Surtr. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico).

Set thousands of years before the events of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (and experienced as a vision by Eivor), Dawn of Ragnarok is the largest expansion in the series to date, with an estimated 35+ hours of content. Svartalfheim is a huge realm filled with immense buildings built by dwarves, literally mountains of gold, and a skyline dominated by the twisted branches of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. It is a world occupied by the forces of Surtr, the fire giants of Muspel, who have allied themselves with the frost giants of Jotnar in search of powerful relics hidden in Svartalfheim.

Their presence has twisted the landscape with ice and magma, and — apart from a few hidden dwarf havens — there are no safe hiding places here. Most Muspels and Jotnar will attack Odin on sight and as well as wielding fire and ice powers, their ranks will include new enemy types such as Flame Keepers, capable of resurrecting fallen enemies and prolonging battles indefinitely if you don’t take your precautions.

However, Odin has one important advantage: the Hugr-Rip, a mythical bracelet that allows them to steal powers from certain enemies. Powered by a new resource, Hugr, which can be mined from giant flowers or by sacrificing some of Odin’s health at special shrines, these new abilities have a limited duration and include:

  • The power of the raven – Turn Odin into a white raven, allowing you to quickly and freely explore the skies.
  • Might of Muspelheim – Disguise Odin as a fire giant for social stealth, immunity to heat, and magma.
  • Winter Power – Coat Odin’s weapons in ice to freeze and shatter enemies.
  • Might of Jotunheim – He disguises Odin as a frost giant and teleports him to special targets with a bow and arrow.
  • Rebirth Power – While active, resurrect defeated enemies to fight for Odin. (This power is especially effective if you can kill multiple enemies quickly.)

All of these powers can be permanently upgraded with dwarf blacksmiths, adding new twists like the ability to assassinate in the air while in raven form. Be careful, though, because there’s a catch: Odin can only use two powers at a time (out of a possible five). This will not only lead you to make premeditated decisions about which ones will be the best according to the situation you find yourself in, but also allow the developers to leave little clues: a corpse with a specific power lying outside a cave, for example, it will give you a clear indication that one or more of the puzzles can be solved with that power.

Hugr-Rip’s powers only work in Svartalfheim and cannot be transferred to the main campaign; however, there are many more things that are. He finds powerful new armor sets hidden in Svartalfheim, as well as a new type of weapon, the Atgeir, which will allow Odin to unleash a variety of polearm and blade combos and finishers. New abilities can also be unlocked and while they will have great effects in Svartalfheim, more “realistic” versions can be used in the world of Eivor. If you retrieve the correct gemstones and give them to the eccentric dwarf, you’ll unlock new cosmetic item features to put around Ravensthorpe.

As Odin explores Svartalfheim, you will discover another new feature: the Arena. Led by Kára the Valkyrie, the Arena is a special place for Odin to reenact fantastical tales of past victories facing waves of enemies and bosses. For greater rewards, Odin can add Boasts to each “story”; Melee Tradeoff, for example, makes each consecutive melee attack from Odin deal less damage (unless broken by a ranged attack or ability), while Enhanced Enemy Melee boosts the damage. Likewise, it can work in your favor if you use the power of rebirth during the match.

If you already have Assassin’s Creed ValhallaAccede to Dawn of Ragnarok whenever you want (you can also go up to the recommended power level of 340 if you can’t quite reach it on your own yet). Get ready for the end of Norse mythology starting on March 10!