Meet Your Maker: Engineering Destruction in Behavior Interactive’s New Assault-Building Game

interactive behavior meet your maker is a new first person building and assault game set in a dark post-apocalyptic future. In this dying world, players take on the role of the Keeper, servant of the Chimera: a living experiment created as a last resort to save life on Earth.

To help the chimera evolve, you’ll need to provide it with pure genetic material, the world’s most precious remaining resource. But as you may have guessed, it will not be easy to get it.

The game revolves around the creation and infiltration of independent levels called Outposts, as players seek to protect or steal each other’s genetic material. Every Outpost in the game has been created by players, for players, making user-generated content the driving force of the experience.

Considering that the outposts you’ll be building are huge maze-like structures packed with deadly traps and guards, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Mental games

building on meet your maker focuses on block-based strategic design. The heart of an Outpost is its extractor bucket, which fills canisters with precious genetic material. To protect it, players will utilize a customizable toolbox of traps and guards as they create environments to lure, outsmart and eviscerate other players trying to take what is theirs.

Screenshot of Meet Your Creator

“When it comes to building a successful Outpost, I would say psychology is very important,” he shares. meet your makerInouk Samson’s senior game designer. “You need to think strategically and put yourself in the mind of an assailant, try to understand how they will act in various situations and plan accordingly.”

“Good trap and guard combos are very important because a single trap or guard will rarely be efficient. There are literally hundreds of different combinations at your disposal without even considering the placement of the blocks. The way you put them together makes all the difference.”

Strategic Personalization

But what does a good trap combo look like? Traps range from acid-filled corrosive buckets to bomb ejectors, incinerators, impalers, holocubes, and many more. Each trap can also be modified in various ways to help ensure maximum carnage for your fiendish designs.

Bombs can become more bouncy. Detection ranges can be increased. Traps can be programmed to self-destruct. And each guard type can be set to its own custom patrol route, designed by the builder himself.

Screenshot of Meet Your Creator

“I like to take the assailant by surprise, so I like the Holocube,” explains Inouk. “He Allows You to hide traps in plain sight. Next up is the Corrosive Cube because it allows projectiles to pass through it while still appearing solid. Killing raiders in an area you thought was safe is truly satisfying.”

“I’m a fan of medium sized rooms as I love using the bomb ejector,” he shares. meet your makerAsh Pannell’s creative director. “This trap drops bombs that bounce everywhere. I use a range trap to pin the assailant at the room entrance and force him to use his grappling hook to fly through space and escape. This inevitably activates the bomb ejector I’ve hidden in the ceiling and boom!


The best part of building an outpost in meet your maker it is the opportunity to create something deviously unique.

“My approach is always to start by creating a space that he can play in,” shares Ash. “This could be a cave, a tower, or something more fantastic like a temple. You want to create a nice flow through your space to make sure the assailant experiences your world.”

Screenshot of Meet Your Creator

“The second is the fun part: the fortification. Think strategically and add your traps and guards in cool combinations to bring your Outpost to life. And finally, decorate. You want to personalize your space and make it mean something, but cosmetics also exist to help you play into the mind of a mugger. A trail of lights, something that catches your eye in a corner – you want them to get confused, lost, and distracted by the right thing while you hit them with your traps.”

“You have to take your time and think about what you want the assailant to experience,” adds Inouk. “Maybe he’s not even looking to create the deadliest outpost, but rather take the raider on a very specific journey. Everything is possible. Just decide on a direction and start building.”


Ultimately, whether you prefer building or raiding in Meet Your Maker, the best way to excel at one part of the game is to develop a deep understanding of the other.

Screenshot of Meet Your Creator

“What I love about raids is that everything I find has actually been built by another player. And it’s all been designed to kill me,” says Ash. “It’s also through raiding that you come to understand a lot of the subtleties of building as you deconstruct guard/trap combos to see how they managed to get you, and then implement those ideas into your own Outpost.”

“I think the best builders are also raiders,” Inouk concludes. “It’s about discovering settings that you may never have thought of on your own. Raids are my best source of inspiration as a builder.”

meet your maker It will be released in 2023 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.