Men In Black prepares a crossover with 21 Jump Street

The Men In Black and 21 Jump Street franchises are preparing an unexpected cinematic crossover that will unite the two worlds into one.

the saga of Men In Black seemed to have hit rock bottom. After a disappointing third installment and a kind of reboot that put the nails in the coffin, the science fiction film franchise was ready for sentence. Everything seemed to presage an abandonment by the studios, but it seems that there are very interesting plans. There was nothing planned to continue this saga of films, but the directors Phil Lord Y Chris Miller (Spider-Man: A new universe) have revealed that they were developing a crossover with 21 Jump Street. This is totally unexpected news!

Chatting on the podcast «Happy Sad Confused” from Josh Horowitzboth filmmakers confirmed the rumors about the union of 21 Jump Street with Men In Black. Apparently, the characters of channing tatum Y Jonah Hill would be involved with the organization of Will Smith and company after working on a case involving a medical school. Tremendous!

This was the crossover they had prepared between the two franchises

«It is true that many of these things have been developedPhil Lord acknowledged. «There was a script that proposed a crossover between Men In Black and 21 Jump Street. It was very funny and very crazy. We loved it. Basically, the idea came from Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Something happened while they were doing research at a medical school and ended up in the other world. Then they joined the organization to stop some kind of alien invasion«.

«It was fun. It was crazy trying to manage and combine these two franchises. Not sinking them at the same time seemed like a real challenge.«, continued explaining the director. Then, Chris Miller said: “One of my favorite ideas was that the characters in Men In Black referred to that ‘black’ as martial arts belts. You had to improve until you reached the ‘black belt’. The guys from 21 Jump Street would get blue suits at the beginning of their story.«.