Microsoft Flight Simulator plays amazing on Xbox Series X | S


  • Grab your Xbox Wireless Controller and get ready to fly on Xbox Series X | S.
  • An enhanced flight training feature and majestic discovery flights are some of the new features available in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Finds Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X | S via Xbox Game Pass starting July 27.

I barely flew an Airbus A320 from my couch and I can’t believe I’m just writing down my experience. After having played the PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator Over the past year and testing it out in the run-up to launch, I must confess I was cautiously optimistic about how well the simulator experience would translate to a console. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico).

Well, as a true fan of airplane and flight simulator games, I am happy to report that Microsoft Flight Simulator has successfully landed on Xbox Series X | S, giving you a solid, exhilarating, and valuable experience that you won’t be able to find on any other console.

Get ready to fly!

After having spent a full day with the version of Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X | S, specifically on my Xbox Series X console, I flew over black bears in Yosemite National Park, crossed the Ancient Pyramids, called the Space Needle in Seattle, and even visited the wonderful Mauna Kea Observatories on the island of Hawaii ‘i.

These fast trips around the world can be made possible thanks to the new Discovery Flights feature that will take you to selected points of interest in ideal weather conditions, allowing you to easily fly over landmarks, monuments and other important areas. Now, you will enjoy an incredible tourist experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Also, you can create manual waypoints with the robust world map (now with real map telemetry data) ideal for designing a flight path with just a few clicks. Or, you can simply leave the next place you visit to chance.

Back to school (flight)

Flight training with the Cessna 152 has received a small improvement and many of the flight lessons will now assign points to your performance, you will receive more detailed feedback on how well you have executed your last flight lesson and you will be assigned grades: A, B or C. I found this feature extremely useful, especially in the transition from a flight stick to an Xbox wireless controller, as I had to relearn how to fly.

Speaking of the Xbox Wireless Controller, I found that it works wonders for a console flight experience. While you are in the booth, you feel like you are playing a shooter flight in first person (yes, you read that right). The joystick Left analog controls the elevator and ailerons, while the right analog joystick controls the pilot’s head. The rest of the default mapping makes perfect sense, as the triggers control the rudder, the surface buttons control the throttle and brakes, the D-pad control the landing gears and flaps, and the top buttons act as modifiers for some of the the more complex tasks such as doing an aircraft offset, camera position, etc.

It definitely takes a bit of practice, especially if it’s a setup of stick / flight keyboard and mouse if you played Microsoft Flight Simulator on your PC. However, by the time you complete most of your flight training, you will feel in full command with your Xbox Wireless Controller as you soar through the skies.

A handful of good things

If it is the first time you play Microsoft Flight Simulator from your console for the first time, they can enjoy a huge amount of content available from day one. After a year full of world updates with improved 3D photogrammetry in real world locations like Japan, the Nordics, and the UK, along with some free and paid DLC (some that are still on PC for now), there are plenty of new content it’s hard to know where to start.

Above all, you will also have all the existing activities to enjoy some excellent pre-planned scenarios to try. Landing challenges will test your skills as a pilot to the point where you will wonder, “Did they really build the airport there?” I still can’t believe that I managed to land an A320 at Paro International Airport, although with a grade of C. You will now also receive grades for the landing challenges, this way your score will appear on a leaderboard so you can see how much You did well compared to your friends.

Also, there is my favorite part: Bush Trips. These are some of the most scenic flight routes you can experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator that will truly test your piloting and terrain reading capabilities where you must rely solely on VFR (Visual Flight Rules) to get from point A to B: follow roads, rivers and other landmarks to stay on course. Likewise, help is available in case you get off track, although I think these will be some of the hardest achievements to come by in the game (I’m sure I’ll get to Mariposa one day on my own).

I’m still shocked at how well Microsoft Flight Simulator was introduced to the console experience on Xbox Series X | S. It’s too much of a 1: 1 experience that can be found on a modest gaming PC, albeit with an Xbox wireless controller in hand rather than a flight stick.

I’m sure it will be amazing to experience this simulator again on console, on a big 4K screen and from the comfort of my favorite chair. Also, I want to mention that Xbox Series X is considerably more powerful than the gaming laptop I played on previously. Microsoft Flight Simulator. Well, I think I’m very excited to see future console pilots, perhaps for the first time, experience one of my favorite genres in video games. It will be great to see all the screenshots, videos and more in the coming weeks from the Xbox community as they explore the skies of this indescribable experience.

Don’t forget to prepare for the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X | S on July 27 on Xbox Game Pass. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico).