Microsoft wants you to choose the following default font: Critical Hit

You can learn a lot about a person from the fonts they use. Whether they are a disciplined or creative person because of the audacity of their font choices, or more likely, how lazy someone is because they just keep working with whatever default font Microsoft Word throws at them for a document. And it’s those last people Microsoft is speaking to to announce plans to change the default font in Office from Calibri to whatever the world decides to choose.

While there are over 700 different font options in Word, along with thousands of others available for download, the majority of people prefer to stick with the time-tested standard of Calibri that the company has been using for the past 15 years . Which in itself was considered a great improvement from Times New Roman’s previous standard.

To decide what the next default font for their Office suite should be, Microsoft decided to release it five new fonts with the intention of leaving it to their users to decide on the desired font. The five new fonts are all designed with different designs and don’t look drastically different from other popular fonts as they offer subtle variations between the different letter shapes. It’s not clear exactly how Microsoft will collect this feedback, although polls and probably direct feedback across channels will likely be preferred.

And while it seems that the choice of a new font will depend on these five newly released fonts, it’s not clear whether Microsoft will allow people to vote for other choices as their favorite option. So, time to start a campaign to get the Wingdings font to vote for the best and really annoy everyone.

Microsoft says the new default font will then appear in their varus apps in 2022. For those who still prefer Calibri, they can still select this font as they can still select Times New Roman for that nostalgic ’90s look.

Last updated: April 30, 2021