Midnight Club New Game Rumors

Rumors of a new open world Midnight Club game have started after job openings were spotted at Take-Two Interactive developer Visual Concepts. There are several positions open to working on a “largely licensed unannounced open world racing game,” and many are hoping it will see a revival of the Midnight Club.

Could this be a Midnight Club game?

The “largely licensed open world driving game” is a “multi-platform” AAA title. Further lists, as spotted by ResetEra, list consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. The game will be built on the Unreal engine and will have an aspect of online multiplayer as one of its vacancies is to ensure that “the moment-to-moment networked multiplayer experience is the best it can be”. Fans are hoping that all of the above and the recent statement from the CEO of Take-Two Interactive that they have “sequels to many of our beloved franchises” in development mean that a Midnight Club game is indeed underway.

However, there are also several reasons why the game probably isn’t a revival of the Midnight Club franchise. First, while Visual Concepts is a Take-Two Interactive studio, it belongs to 2K rather than Rockstar, the latter of which owns the Midnight Club IP. Even if an agreement could have been reached between the two companies, it’s also unlikely that Rockstar would entrust one of their beloved IPs to a developer who hasn’t made a racing game before. Finally, another from the list describes the game as “fun for all ages”; Midnight Club’s ESRB rating has never been below Everyone’s 10+. The game has been in development since 2019. Hopefully the game will be announced soon so we can all see for ourselves.

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