Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.19 Adds Echoing Void Support, Gauntlet Of Gales And Bug Fixes

The Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.19 Patch Notes have been confirmed by developer today mojang, and it’s a stunner, with support for the Echoing Void DLC, Gauntlet, and Gales, plus a range of bug fixes.

read more Minecraft Dungeons 1.19 below for all new content.

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Free update:

Gauntlet of Gales

Enter the Gauntlet of Gales, a unique maze-like mission that will test your skills through tricky trials and mind-boggling puzzles! This gauntlet contains challenges that require everything from wit and cunning to stamina and determination. Complete the mission for a chance to find artifacts previously only available as part of the Howling Peaks DLC!

New Enchantments

  • Ambush (Melee)
  • Dip Poison (Ranged)
  • Levitation shot (distance)
  • Shadow Strike (armor)
  • Shadow Strike (armor)
  • Void Strike (Melee and Ranged)
  • Enchantments extended to new weapon types
  • Committed (achieved)
  • Critical Hit (Range)
  • Exploding (reachable)
  • Fire aspect (accessible)
  • Looting (ranked)
  • Gold Digger (ranked)
  • Soul Siphon (Range)
  • Smith (Range)
  • Tireless (Melee)
  • Attenuation (achieved)
  • Following on from Void DLC:

DLC Features

  • Three new missions
  • Six existing missions expanded with new Endersent dungeons
  • Brand new mobs and enemies
  • Two new skins
  • endermite pet
  • New weapons
  • Backstabbing (Melee)
  • Swift Striker (Melee Unique)
  • Void Bow (Range)
  • Call of the Void (Ranged Unique)
  • Shadow Crossbow (Ranked)
  • Veiled Crossbow (ranked unique)
  • Obsidian Claymore (Melee)
  • The Starless Night (Melee Unique)
  • Invalid Touched Blades (Melee)
  • The Beginning and the End (Melee Unique)

New armor

  • Entertainer’s Garb
  • The troubadour (unique)
  • Shulker armor
  • Sturdy Shulker Armor (Unique)
  • Teleportation robes
  • Unstable robes (unique)

New Artifacts

  • Shadow Shifter
  • Tome of duplication
  • Annoying singing ge
  • Void Quiver

New achievements

10 new achievements/trophies to unlock during your adventures


Storytelling added at the beginning of every Flames of the Nether mission



Bosses can no longer be killed instantly before spawning (MCD-5585)

The Diamond Key Golem can no longer get stuck on the other side of the gate on Cacti Canyon (MCD-5637)

Arena battles can now be completed even if a mob has spawned or fallen underground

Emeralds can now be collected by downed players

Old yachts

Fixed an issue that prevented the exit door from opening at the end of Ancient Hunts (MCD-5373)

Ancient Mob icons on the Ancient Hunt screen are now revealed when defeated (

Fixed text alignment on Ancient Hunt screen

It is now possible to pull back an item on the Ancient Hunt screen using a keyboard when playing on PC

Weapons, armor and artifacts

Sponge Striker’s special effect no longer deals enough damage to instantly kill the player when hitting a mob enchanted with Thorns (MCD-5935, MCD-6086)

Players will no longer be able to use normal attacks while using Eye of the Guardian activated by Final Shout

Windbow now draws defeated mobs during multiplayer sessions

Stopped resizing heavy harpoons after hitting something

Crossbow arrows now disappear after hitting Geomancer walls (MCD-5979)

Fixed Soul Lantern and Wonderful Wheat artifacts showing no summon damage in their item stats (MCD-5974)

Enchantments and Effects

Dynamo stacks are now removed when hitting a crowd with Fireworks Arrow, Torment Quiver and Exploding Crossbow (MCD-5939)

The Dolphin’s Grace effect now appears as a separate icon for Swiftness on the HUD

Luck of The Sea now appears on the HUD and added a visual effect to the player when the spell is activated

Fixed the sea luck spell causing gold-plated common items to be incorrectly labeled as unique (MCD-6000)

Fixed an exploit that caused Updraft Tome to be spammed repeatedly

Aborting Overcharge no longer leaves the Overcharge visual effects on the player


Players no longer respawn in the Nether Portal room door after jumping off a ledge in the camp (MCD-5294)

Solid cactus blocks that have no collisions

Fixed light from torches that flicker during the night

Fix for players’ shadows casting on surfaces they shouldn’t, such as under bridges

Fixed the force field effect still present after the gates were lowered on Nether Fortress

Hidden Depths

Turtle Armor and Squid Armor can now be sold by merchants in the camp (MCD-6046)

Fixed a hole in Radiant Ravine causing players to get stuck (MCD-6159)

Players can no longer destroy Ancient Guardian mines (MCD-6222)

Fixed Conduit heart temporarily disappearing after death

Fixed corrupt images on the Conduit after walking off it

Fixed the item description of the trident to describe his actual ability

Fixed missing sound effects for Drowned Necromancer lightning strikes during multiplayer sessions

Pufferfish no longer blow up when other pufferfish are around

Fixed postponed arena fights in Abyssal Monument

Gates no longer close and reopen in areas of Abyssal Monument

Tridents no longer look huge when stuck in Tropical Slimes

Characters in local co-op no longer keep walking and fall off the edge during the outro sequence on Radiant Ravine

Lightning strikes now do area of ​​effect damage during Night in multiplayer on underwater missions

Reduced the time it takes for mobs to disappear after being killed in underwater missions

The red vignette is now present during the Night in underwater missions

After attacking Squid, ink clouds now appear more consistently, in a slightly larger area, and last for 10 seconds

Fixed oxygen direction markers disappear completely under the HUD

Fixed mobs appearing outside the borders on Radiant Ravine

Fixed an issue where players got stuck behind the arena gate on Abyssal Monument

Fixed an issue where the camera would darken in several areas on Abyssal Monument and Radiant Ravine

The “TNT Used” stat no longer appears after underwater missions

Snowball’s spell no longer focuses on Pufferfish

Creeping Winter

Lone Fortress intro narration now references the Wretched Wraith

Add Mountaineer Crowd to Frosted Fjord and Lost Settlement

Added the Witches’ Gang to the Forest segment in Lost Settlement

Rebalanced all mafia groups in these missions

Added more hidden chests, significantly increasing the loot players can get from these missions

jungle awakens

Fixed fence blocks with no structure in Jungle Awakens missions (MCD-5667)

Fixed Jungle Zombies that don’t deal poison damage

Rebalanced all mafia groups in these missions

Added more hidden chests, significantly increasing the loot players can get from these missions

Animals should now appear in arenas less often and not at all in these missions

Added Witches and Big Slimes in Dingy Jungle for improved Mafia variance

Added Skeleton Vanguard and Big Slimes in Overgrown Temple for Improved Mafia Variance

Skeleton Vanguard, Witches and big Slimes added to Panda Plateau for improved mafia variance

User environment

Fix for the Cloud Saves prompt that appeared in the main menu every time a local P2 guest account left a session

Fixed multiplayer clients that sometimes don’t see the damage they do

Removed the cosmetic warning prompt that appeared when uploading a hero equipped with Sinister Cape and/or Baby Pig cosmetics, as these are available to all players (MCD-5808)

Fixed an exploit that allowed players to re-join an online session after being kicked

The text “Raid Captain Bounty” is now translated to all supported languages

After enchanting an item, Screen Narrator can now read the requirements for another enchantment level

Fixed an issue that the new character would not be discarded when exiting the character creation menu with the Escape key

Known issues:

There is a blue background behind the character on the Download/Upload Hero screens

The new achievement ‘Burning Up’ cannot be unlocked by customers in online multiplayer sessions

It is possible to jump past the diamond gate in the End Wilds mission, which will not update objectives and prevent the mission from completing

One video is missing voiceover localization for Chinese languages

Subtitles in Nether DLC mission intros are missing for most languages