Moo Lander Xbox One Demo Now Available


  • Powerful cows and milk weapons.
  • Addictive multiplayer mode in a free demo
  • Handcrafted graphics and self-recorded music for an immersive experience

Moo Lander coming to Xbox One! The free game demo has it all: unlockable milk arsenal abilities, worthy enemy AI, cow boss battles, beautiful art style, self-recorded orchestral music, RPG elements, multiplayer, and lots of milk! And now you can experience all of these features on your Xbox One console.

Sixth Hammer game studio has updated its special demo just for Xbox consoles – bigger, better, more beautiful than ever, more challenging than ever! Featuring a good 30-40 minute single player campaign and almost unlimited multiplayer fun with three addictive modes: PvP, PvE and Milk Soccer Simulator.

What’s new?

Since our last demo iteration of Moo Lander, we have added numerous new and amazing features to the game! Gameplay mechanics like camouflage modules and Lander technology are making their debut. Now you can unlock the “milk shield”.used to block enemy fire and deflect special projectiles, the “milk saber to wipe out all the hostile creatures out there, and a completely new game system: camouflage modules. Last but not least is our completely revamped user interface system: every part of the game now has a beautiful and easy to use interface. Milk hunting has never been so fascinating!

The ancient mighty cows

The heads of the cows are called the “Ancient and Mighty Cows”., and they are back! And with a whole new redesign of our home cow AI to boot. You can expect more angry and tougher cows to fight, both in the mooltiplayer arenas and in the single player endgame. The talented developers at our indie game studio have added some cool options to select different bovine species for the mooltiplayer, where you can play as a cow. Challenge yourself with our multi-stage cow boss battles and master Lander’s technology to defeat them.

Demo duration

All that said, the new Moo Lander The demo runs to roughly 30-40 (and even more on higher difficulty) minutes of intense gameplay, not including mooltiplayer options. Four new difficulty levels have also been added: Story Mode, Tricky, Challenge, and Legendary. The story mode is a great way to enjoy Moo Lander without any difficulty, and the cheap option is our version of the regular game. The challenge option is for seasoned metroidvania veterans and will do exactly that – pose a worthy challenge. The last one is meant for those of you who fancy a soul-like challenge. Also expect environmental puzzles and many, many alien creatures along the way to victory. But you don’t have to be alone on this journey – you can invite some friends over for four-player couch co-op multiplayer!

the mooltiplayer

Yes, you are reading it right – Moo Lander has an awesome local mooltiplayer, and gives you the option to play as the cows! How cool is that? The demo features several special arena maps and three multiplayer modes: PvP, PvE, and Galactic Mooball. Get some friends together to take on the AI ​​cows, or gear up and make two landers against two cows, all controlled by the players. Or if you’re a soccer fan, you can team up with a friend to take on two other players in our Galactic Mooball mode (you can even play as Mighty Cow). Moo Lander’s couch co-op moopltiplayer offers tons of fun with family and friends all together in front of the TV.

“Mars is a beautiful place!”

With an improved art style, graphics, particle effects, and shaders, Moo Lander you will be amazed with the beauty and detail. Get to know our world better, immerse yourself in the strange planet that is Mars, with its lush flora, dangerous but memorable fauna, environmental hazards, and last but not least, the mighty ancient cows. They protect the cosmic milk, but you must get it to save your dying civilization. As you go on this epic quest, self-recorded orchestral music accompanies you.

environment of mars

As dedicated game developers and passionate gamers, the team behind this game knows the value and importance of a free game demo. That is why I personally want to present all of you, our friends, fans and supporters, with the opportunity to experience the adventure that is Moo Lander. It is as much our personal adventure as it is (hopefully) yours as well. And remember: there is a vaca level, be part of it!

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Moo Lander Demonstration

the sixth hammer


Ever wondered what a cow overlord would look like? Moo Lander is an action-adventure RPG with Metroidvania elements featuring an epic story about cows and milk. In the game, milk is the purest and most effective resource. You’ll unlock a unique arsenal of weaponry and milk defenses, while stranded on a dangerous alien world with your trusty AI ship. Together, they will have to fight and outsmart clever enemies, while discovering the motivation for their character’s journey and the emotional story behind it. You’ll meet memorable characters and uncover ancient secrets as the story twists and turns around every corner. Then comes the most brutal aspect of our amazing world: you will have to challenge our Mighty Cow bosses! Expect glorious action battles, as you try to find a way to defeat our lightning-fast, lethal cow AI. You can also get together with your family and friends and have a lot of fun with Moo Lander’s 4 person couch multiplayer mode. With vastly different game modes, you’ll be able to take on each other in a variety of ways. You can even take control of the Mighty Cows and experience a whole new set of abilities, then take on the heroes of the story to protect your milk! ### A story about milk It’s all about the milk! The purest and most powerful source of energy, rivaled only by the brightest hypernovae, milk has been lost after the War with the Anunnaki! Without it, the Landers civilization is on the brink of extinction, so you’ll have to take the only remaining interstellar spaceship on a mission to retrieve an ancient device. It is believed that this device can produce infinite amounts of milk. Can you get the job done on time? The fate of the Landers is in your hands! ### Alone on an alien world Moo Lander’s story explores the adventures of the last hero of the Landers and his faithful AI: Hamilton! You can be part of this adventure! Experience shocking revelations and uncover the secrets of Mighty Cows, explore the game’s beautiful environments, all crafted with passion and devotion, and listen to amazing music along the way. With branching dialogue options and optional action paths, you are in control of the fate of an entire civilization! ### Tame the mighty cows As you progress through the game, more than 20 different types of mighty cows will stand in your way. From the darkest dungeon to the steepest peak, these mighty bosses are everywhere and will threaten the quest. We have developed an advanced cow AI and you will need to master its skills to match the cow’s superior intellect! Each cow boss is cinematically designed and has its unique attacks, abilities, and strategies. A cosmic challenge awaits each player who chooses to be the hero of The Landers! ### It’s an action RPG You will gain experience with each enemy defeated, you will become stronger and unlock new skills. As you progress, you’ll equip a special arsenal and deploy different ship camouflage modules, tipping the scales of battle in your favor. Gather every last drop of the milk resource and use it for powerful upgrades! Handling this resource carefully is crucial to staying alive and up to the challenge of Moo Lander! ### Four Player Couch Multiplayer Our vastly different multiplayer modes offer numerous ways to play with dozens of different abilities and terrain to explore. You’ll freeze and burn, spit and stab your friends as you take control of a Mighty cow. Master over 20 different species, each with different deadly and powerful attacks. You will be able to take advantage of milk weaponry and fight together with friends with an arsenal of over 15 different skills against our fierce cow AI. Then, you can face each other in our deathmatch arenas, carefully designed for fast-paced PvP combat. Arenas in all modes are not just visually different, each one offers unique dangers and tactical opportunities. You will have to study the alien world of Moo Lander and learn how to use it to your advantage. Once you figure it out, you can try to face our alien flora and fauna: try to survive the enemy waves long enough together with your friends. But you have to be careful, because all encounters are different: one can never be sure what the best strategy is. After hours of brutal action, you can continue exploring the game by playing our exclusive sport: galactic moo ball! Here you will have to master the game with dozens of different balls, each with its own characteristics. And then show off your skills on all kinds of terrain: bone gates, mazes, teleportation tubes – our multiplayer mode has it all!