Moon Studios next game will not be published by Xbox

Moon Studios, the team behind Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Strings working on another game but this time it will not be published by Xbox.

Instead, Private Division intervenes to fill the publisher’s void, making it more than likely Moon Studios next title is coming Play station. In fact, it’s already been confirmed that their next title will be coming to as many platforms as possible.

Game director at Moon Studios Thomas Mahler explained it in an elaborate Resetera post that exclusivity issues are a major reason they chose not to cooperate Microsoft again as a publisher.

“This is also one of the main reasons we decided to make our next game with Private Division instead of Microsoft. We always have so many gamers who say they love Ori but hate that they can’t play it on PlayStation. Well why not? Because it was funded by Microsoft, that’s why they’re in charge.”

He did so in response to the news that Xbox Head Phil Spencer Believes 2021 Xbox Could Have Stayed Bungie in the fold.

As far as Moon Studios next game, it sounds like it’s their biggest project yet. It is no Oric sequel it seems, but according to Mahler the game has “a grand vision where we want everyone to be able to play together, across all systems”.

While Mahler could just be talking about making the game available to all players, the hint that they want everyone to play “together” could mean Moon Studios is working on a multiplayer title.

Source – [Resetera]