Moss Book II release date spring 2022, fireplace chat with dev team

Moss: Book II due out in Spring 2022. Polyarc revealed the release window via a new trailer, as well as some recent developer interviews offering insights into building the much-loved VR adventure that moss (and the sequel). Players, known as ‘The Reader’, pick up where the first game left off, reforging their bonds with Quill as her treacherous journey continues. Check out the new one Moss: Book II spring 2022 release window trailer:

Moss: Book II was first announced during a PlayStation State of Play broadcast in July 2021. Considering the seasons, Spring 2022 will run from late March to mid-June, meaning we Moss: Book II somewhere in that March, April, or May window.

Shortly after Moss: Book IIs original announcement in July, we sat down with Polyarc Design Director Joshua Stiksma to talk about the upcoming VR game. We got a lot of insight into what the team is bringing to the table with the sequel, and how they plan to raise the bar from the critically acclaimed first game.

In addition, Polyarc released the DevCom 2021 One-Hour Panel, a fireplace conversation with Polyarc’s development team moderated by yours truly. Entitled ‘The Alchemy of Polyarc’, the panel brought together the art, design, animation, audio and story of Polyarc to talk about what exactly the puzzle pieces fit together, and how the mix of disciplines makes one of the most special and unique VR experiences, in which players bond with a virtual mouse.

If that’s not enough behind the scenes of Polyarc, there are also long developer streams with lots of additional insights, such as the video on animate quill with Animation Director Richard Lico, and a look at environmental art & level design with lead artist Coolie Calihan.

Moss: Book II releases in Spring 2022. No platforms have been confirmed except PlayStation VR. It is unknown if the title will appear on Sony’s next-gen PS5 VR headset.