Most downloaded PS Plus game

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has just been added to the Guinness World Records as the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game ever. Technically, the feat was announced way back in August 2020 when it was revealed that Autumn boys had over 7 million purchases through Steam and was the most downloaded PS Plus game – a statistic announced by Sony itself, as well as the game’s original publisher, Devolver Digital. Now, a little over a year later, that achievement (or should we say crown) has been officially recorded by Guinness World Records.

The exact number of downloads to reach that record isn’t known, but data from the PlayStation API indicated it was over 8 million in just the first 9 days of the month it launched.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout first launched as a free PlayStation Plus title in August 2020. It quickly rose to the top of the charts, beating previous mega-hit PlayStation Plus successes such as Rocket League. The first free launch probably helped Autumn boys achieved widespread popularity, prompting developer Mediatonic to draw the attention of Epic Games, who bought the studio in March of this year.

A unique take on the latest player standing, battle royale genre, Autumn boys pit players against each other in a series of colorful game show-style obstacle courses and tournaments, until only one remains. In the first year since launch, Autumn boys has seen numerous crossovers with other games, characters and brands, the latest being a few Kena: Bridge of Ghosts suits. Earlier this year, Mediatonic even teamed up with Sony to bring Ratchet and Clank into the game.

Currently in its fifth season, we don’t know what the future holds Autumn boys, but it seems clear. The game continues to be extremely popular today, with an average of over 10,000 concurrent players on Steam, and that’s without taking console players into account.

if you missed Autumn boys when it was free on PlayStation Plus, you can pick it up from the PlayStation Store for $19.99 (and there is currently a sale for PS Plus members to get it for $9.99).