Mutan Insight is hired to develop a ‘High-End RPG’ on the PS5

Mutan Insight, a Japan-based studio specializing in character and background models for other games, is hiring new staff to work on an unannounced “high-end RPG” remake for the PS5. The studio’s previous work includes the Episode Ardyn DLC for Final Fantasy XV, like Blue reflection TIE and the studio series. While details are still scarce, the job postings include job openings for 3D motion designers, background designers, and more.

Specifically, the job posting states that the game in question will use Unreal Engine 5. It also states that applicants will work on cutscenes with high-quality real-time graphics. In addition, the skills required include previous experience in creating cutscenes and motion capture.

That said, there’s no confirmation as to whether Mutan Insight will develop the unannounced title entirely on its own. Previously, the studio also worked in a supporting capacity with companies such as Square Enix – as was the case with the FFXV DLC – which may be the case with this unannounced remake.

That said, there are multiple possibilities. One is the chrono cross remake that has been going around the rumor mill since it appeared in the GeForce Now leak earlier this year. However, it’s worth noting that later reports have stated that the remake will be a multiplatform release.

Another possibility is the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake. This fits perfectly as both a high-end RPG and a remake for the PS5. It also makes sense, as Mutan Insight has been working on a Final Fantasy title for the PS5 earlier, and therefore already has a working relationship with Square Enix.

[Source: Hokanko via Gematsu]