Nacon announced their acquisition of Daedalic Entertainment

nacon and Daedalic Entertainment are currently both collaborating on the publication of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum† Now, however, that collaboration has gone even further.

nacon has announced that they will be taking over Daedalic Entertainment in a deal worth €53 million, which the company expects to close this year.

According to Nacon’s director Alain Falcthe acquisition made strategic and cultural sense between the two studios.

“Thanks to our collaboration, we knew gollumThat nacon and Daedalic share the same values ​​and objectives to provide gamers with unique experiences.

It therefore seemed logical to continue together and we are very happy with this acquisition. It represents an important step in Nacon’s strategy.”

According to a Gematsu report Daedalic will continue to be led by the current founder and chief executive officer Carsten Fichtelmannnext to Chief Operating Officer Stephan Harms

Fichtelmann also expressed his excitement at the acquisition, saying in part:

“Together with naconwe are now taking the next step to further develop our catalog of games created by our own team and many incredible indie studios.

We look back on a trusting and cooperative cooperation on The Lord of the Rings: Gollum and together on the way to an even brighter future”

Source – [Gematsu]