Naughty Dog Confirms It’s Working On A ‘Standalone Multiplayer Game’

After years of rumours, speculation, reports and data mining, Naughty Dog’s biggest open secret has finally been confirmed by the developer himself: Naughty Dog is working on “the studio’s first standalone multiplayer game”. The company tweeted a number of job postings expressly for the multiplayer title from its official NaughtyDogJobs account.

While we’ve known for a while that Naughty Dog is working on something multiplayer, it wasn’t clear if it would be a Factions mode The Last of Us Part II, a separate game, or something completely different. Some even questioned whether the multiplayer game/mode was scrapped as the studio moved on with what it was developing next. However, now we know that a standalone multiplayer game is coming out of the studio, most likely expanding the Factions mode from the get-go. The last of us that was pulled from the second game (the image in the tweet above shows The Last of Us Part II).

Naughty Dog is looking for people for the following positions for its multiplayer game:

  • Associate Gameplay Scripter
  • Gameplay scripter
  • Designer level/environment
  • Monetization/Economics Designer
  • System Designer
  • Visual effects artist
  • AI programmer
  • Animation Programmer
  • Backend Programmer
  • Associate Multiplayer Quality Assurance Tester/Development Support
  • UI scripter/programmer

Naughty Dog has a lot of experience implementing multiplayer modes in its games. Uncharted 2, 3, and 4 all had multiplayer, as well The last of us. However, this will be the first time Naughty Dog has developed a standalone multiplayer game that isn’t tied to a major single-player flagship experience.

Naughty Dog’s work on this multiplayer game was effectively disclosed by job postings several times in the past, and it seems the studio was speculating on this to confirm it for itself. The Last of Us Part II was supposed to have multiplayer, but it was cut for the sake of the single player experience. However, datamines and these job postings revealed that the Studio had continued to work on the multiplayer experience, but what it looks like now is a mystery.