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Can a lich really be defeated? While the adventurers were able to prevent Valindra Shadowmantle from completing the full Scaleblight Mythal in the Dragon Bone Valley campaign, their attempt has left a mark on the Forgotten Realms. The failed rite has unleashed a pulse of malevolent energy throughout the Sword Coast, awakening dragon vision in countless dragons. The tormented dragons have now begun to attack the inhabitants of Faerûn and it is up to you, brave heroes, to face the consequences of these events in Neverwinter: Dragonslayer!

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This module introduces a new queuing system: Dragon Hunts. Adventurers have faced numerous dragons throughout Neverwinter, but this new threat will require the expertise of famed dragon slayer Smerdiuk Dragonbane. Enlisted by Lord Neverember, Smerdiuk and his crew have established a new base of operations in Protector’s Enclave to provide aid to those seeking to stand against the might of the dragons.

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Located near the Deekin Street gate in Protector’s Enclave, the Smerdiuk Dragonbone camp is staffed by expert hunters who will guide and assist in Dragon Hunts. In Dragon Hunter’s Camp, players will encounter the faithful blacksmith Gurness Stormforge, the dragon hunter and tracker Aerlyna Everfell, the intimidating and mysterious Zaraloth the Essencekeeper, and Dhomir the Pious, Smerdiuk’s lifelong friend and healer of this group. Armed with vast knowledge, this team will provide support, resources, and rewards.

Dragon Hunts can be accessed through the Queue system and offer solo content when facing young dragons and group content in the three-person party forum when facing adult dragons, and a need for five party members when facing adult dragons. to the challenge of mighty ancient dragons. . Defeating these dragons will allow adventurers to collect the necessary parts for a variety of rewards; Those who find the tougher challenges rewarding will enjoy the hunting modifiers. These modifiers alter how the hunt unfolds, empowering the dragon but also increasing the rewards earned at the end of the hunt. A new campaign will guide players through the progress of Dragon Hunts, allowing them to gather Elemental Threads to unlock and upgrade Dragon Hunt mods and collect new Dragon Hunter gear.

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For adventurers looking for even bigger group content, Neverwinter: Dragonslayer brings reworked versions of Tiamat and the standard mode of Crown of Keldegonn. No dragon-focused content is truly complete without the presence of Tiamat. The 5-headed chromatic dragon goddess has returned in an updated version of the Rise of Tiamat trial. Players will need to forget everything they ever knew about this fight and be prepared for tough encounters and challenging achievements.

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For players looking to experience a more accessible form of Crown of Keldegonn content, the standard mode of this trial will be available. In this standard mode, the quiz can drop the ancient and fortified weapons from the Dragonbone Vale area. While chests do not contain Valindra gems, they can drop Sigils, Refinement Gems, and other premium reward items.

Lockbox Reward Structure Changes

The new Dragon Cult Lockbox will be available at launch dragon slayer and with it, a new reward structure. The positive response to Knox Box strongly influenced the decision to update the way lockboxes deliver rewards. Lockboxes will still require an enchanted key, but players will notice that odds are now displayed when examining the lockbox. The second major change is a progress bar that advances each time you open a safe. This screen also shows specific milestones that guarantee an additional reward. This progress bar will reset upon opening 250 safes, and players will receive a Dragon Cult Choice Pack.

Along with Dragon Hunts, Trials and other system changes, the new module will also allow players to re-experience the Well of Dragons zone and Tyranny of Dragons campaign as an epic adventure. The dragons that cross the Sword Coast have prepared for your arrival with updated looks, powers, and thirst for adventurers. Neverwinter: Dragonslayer is now available to play on Xbox!

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