New Call of Duty for consoles and PC will be released at the end of this year

For those who were concerned that we won’t be getting a new Call of Duty this year, we have good news: Activision has confirmed that it is coming.

While the publisher confirmed that a new Call of Duty will be coming in the fourth quarter, the publisher did not reveal who will develop the game. Last year it was actually Sledgehammer’s turn, but Activision apparently saw plenty of reasons to prioritize Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War.

The publisher also called the yet to be revealed Call of Duty ‘strong’ and confirmed that this game will also be integrated with Warzone. During the presentation of the quarterly results, Activision also announced that Call of Duty is doing extremely well. More than 250 million players played one of the games in 2020, which is three times as many as in 2018. In addition, the franchise saw more than 100 million monthly returning players.

Despite the somewhat moderate reception of Black Ops Cold War, sales numbers were up 40% from the year before. However, this also includes the full version of Modern Warfare. However, since Season One, most players have activated their Battle Pass and the number who have activated this is the highest since it was introduced in Call of Duty.