New Child of Light Crossover Title Teased by Creator Patrick Plourde

Child of Light creator Patrick Plourde teases a new crossover title. Although Aurora and Igniculus will have another adventure, it’s off Child of Light 2 as Plourde also confirmed that while the game was being written, it was not green lit.

The teasing started when Plourde tweeted that Child of Light protagonist Aurora and her firefly Igniculus were due to get a new game and it had received final approval from Ubisoft. More details about the game are expected to be revealed next year.

Fans started to get excited about a possible sequel. Child of Light 2 was initially bullied in 2018 when Plourde shared a photo of the original Child of Light working on the Nintendo Switch. In the background was a script for Child of Light 2. Plourde, however, had bad news. While the document in the photo was indeed the script for a sequel, the game was never given the green light by Ubisoft as the publisher began to turn away from making smaller games.

This new adventure will be a “crossover game” which continues the story of Aurora that follows the events of Child of Light after returning to Lemuria through the mirror. However, the game will not be developed by the same team at Ubisoft Montreal. It will instead be developed by “developers who also like the IP.

Confirming a crossover game means it’s more than just the live action Child of Light TV show that was also mentioned in 2018 but also never seemed to come to fruition. Some believe the crossover will make an appearance in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, but Plourde makes this sound like a completely new game rather than a cameo appearance in an existing title. Whatever the game turns out to be, we’ll learn more about it in 2022.