New Elden Ring Concept Art For The Reveal Trailer Appears


New Elden Ring concept art has appeared online, showing the game’s revealing trailer from the early days when it was conceptualized.

This new concept art is coming out Gabriel Björk Stiernström’s Artstation profile and we get to see a lot. We take a look at the man who appeared to forge something in the trailer, alongside a fresh take on the stage itself and the item that was forged.

We also get to see what this table looked like over time and how the trailer changed from conceptualization to reality, with different designs for both the table and the environment. We can also see how the design has changed to avoid similarities between Elden Ring and Dark Souls. You can check out a few pieces of the concept art below and check out the rest Gabriel’s Artstation profile.




We haven’t heard about FromSoftware’s latest game since then, but journalist reports and rumors suggest we won’t have to wait long to hear more.

Elden Ring is out for PS4.

Source – [Gabriel Björk Stiernström (Artstation)]