New Horizon Forbidden West Details Revealed: Skills, Play Styles & More

Guerrilla Games’ highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West graces the cover of December’s Game Informer magazine, which reveals a ton of new information about the title, including the new skill tree.

Feature highlights were shared on Reddit by user Pelby_Tern, who shared Horizon Forbidden West accommodates six different categories of playstyles, each with a unique ability and 20-30 skills each. However, players can mix and match skills.

The six categories are: Warrior (melee attacks), Trapper (catching enemies), Survivor (health and resources), Infiltrator (stealth), Hunter (ranged attacks), and Machine Master (hacker). Their unique abilities are called Valor Surge moves. While Aloy’s outfits will help improve certain skills, their effectiveness can be increased by awarding points earned through play.

Speaking of skills, we also learned that Aloy can test some of her skills at “Melee Pits,” a new kind of side content. In addition to challenging players, Melee Pits teaches them how to link melee attacks together and form combo moves.

In addition to the above, Guerrilla Games has said that players will now more often fight alongside non-player characters, who will aid in combat in a variety of ways, such as providing ammunition. There is also a new workbench system that allows players to upgrade their weapons and armor. However, Horizon Forbidden West players have to search for specific machine parts to upgrade their equipment, so it won’t be as simple as collecting scraps.

Last but not least, Aloy will have a new friend named Alva who is a member of a “mysterious new tribe” that has not yet been revealed.

Horizon Forbidden West will be published on February 18, 2022.

[Source: Reddit]