New in Red Dead Online: All Hallows’ Call to Arms, Halloween Pass 2 and more

All Hallows’ Eve approaches, bringing with it a terrifying new Call to Arms; Armadillo, Butcher Creek, Shady Belle and Bolger protect Glade from… strange adversaries.

In addition, this week players can earn double RDO$ and XP on the featured series: Dead of Night. Four teams compete against each other as they fight off the endless swarms of The Dead.

Reminder: Players who have completed all four previous Quick Draw Club share, receive a Reward to share the Halloween Pass 2 free to receive (more on that below).

More highlights from this week’s update include:

  • Double RDO$, Gold and XP in All Hallows’ Call to Arms fashions
  • Halloween Pass 2 comes out on October 28th with brand new clothing, mask, and Accessories
  • Free Stable Slot and a certain shirt for all Halloween Pass 2 owners
  • 2,000 Club XP to redeem on the Halloween Pass 2 for surviving to the tenth wave of an All Hallows’ Call to Arms fashion
  • Reward for a free Ability Card for completing Dead of Night
  • Temporary collection of Madame Nazar . masks: the Slaughter Mask, Creature Mask, Horror Mask, Swing Mask, Free Mask, and Masquerade Mask are now for sale
  • 10 free Snowberger Candies and 5 free Chocolate Bars for this week log in to Red Dead Online
  • Discounts: 50% discount on haircuts, dentistry, and Makeup, 40% discount on Gun Belts and Melee Weapons, 35% off all Role Outfits, 30% off all emotes and everything in Gus’ Store, 5 Gold Bars discount on the Bandit Mask
  • Prime Gaming Benefits: Red Dead Online players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming until November 22nd will receive a Reward for a Free accessories and an Offer of 50% off a Non-Role Multi Horse.
  • Double RDO$ and XP for featured series: Dead of Night
  • New ones All Hallows’ Call to Arms fashion now available

Check for all the details about the update the Newswire!