New Playstation 5 update offers SSD support

The latest version of the Playstation 5 firmware is scheduled for September 15th. There are some nice changes in it, which we have listed for you!

Let’s start with the most important ones first; the support for SSDs. If you were already using the beta software, this was already possible. Players can Solid State Drives of type M.2 add NVMe. SSDs with a SATA connection are not supported. Please note, there is only a small selection of discs that can be used in the Playstation 5.

If you are not familiar with how to do this conveniently, Sony made a clear explanation on his website. Even the laymen among us can then get more space on their Playstation 5!

Also a nice addition in this firmware update is 3D audio. You can now calibrate your built-in speakers with the PS5 so that the sound is no longer only broadcast via two channels (stereo), but in 3D. It will then sound as if you are hearing sound all around you. This way you seem to be even more in your game!Sony, Playstation 5, Firmware, 3D audio

The UX (User Experience) is also addressed. A number of social menus are being overhauled, making it even easier to share things. It has become much clearer who is online and what they are playing, while you chat with someone else. For the whole (very extensive) list of additions and adjustments you can find Sony’s blog here.