New PlayStation Users Report Instant PSN Ban

A number of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users have taken to sites such as Reddit to report that their new PlayStation Network accounts are being insta banned on creation, and contacting Sony’s support has yielded no results. Some users have tried to create multiple accounts across numerous devices using numerous email addresses, only to be instructed to reset their password and then greeted with a message that their account has been banned.

I was first pointed to the problem by a friend who complained that they were repeatedly banned and unable to reach Sony. Thinking it was an isolated incident, I did a quick search and found numerous threads with similar complaints – all of which were filed within the past month (new complaints still coming in at the time of writing).

At first glance, the problem seems to be an IP ban, but some users have tried unsuccessfully to create new accounts from different IP addresses. My second assumption was that they bought a used, banned console, but at least one of the users dealing with the problem bought a brand new PS5 and another claimed to be a new PlayStation owner who had their PS4 at Best Buy. purchased. And again, users have tried to create multiple accounts from multiple devices and are facing the same problem without even trying to login through their consoles, so that theory doesn’t hold up. Additionally, from what I’ve gathered, the affected users are based both in and outside the United States, so this isn’t a location-specific issue either.

The lucky people who managed to reach a Sony support representative got a mix of answers.

“The support person was extremely helpful and confirmed that the account was under temporary ban,” wrote Redditor skylinemonkey. “He agreed that the temporary ban was unusual because the account was brand new. He escalated my issue to some specialists and said the ban would be lifted in 24-48 hours.”

“In order to protect your account from possible suspicious activity, an automated temporary ban has been placed on it,” user LindV was told. “We’ll need to ask you a few questions to confirm your account and make updates as needed.”

It is uncommon for new accounts to be insta-banned for the reasons mentioned above. The issue appears to affect a small number of users, but is by no means an isolated incident. We’ll update this article if we find out what’s happening here.

If you’ve experienced this issue, please leave a comment below.