New release date announced for Two Point Campus


  • two point campus is moving its release to August 9, 2022.
  • Build the university of your dreams and give your students the experience of a lifetime!
  • Make an order two point campus now and receive exclusive in-game items at launch.

Like a freshman dreading his 8am class, two point campus needs a little more time. two point campusThe release date was pushed back from May 17 to August 9. As always, we appreciate the patience of our wonderful community and all of their support during development.

In better news, you can see practical first impressions in the media. two point campus at some of your favorite game outlets today. We’re excited to hear what everyone thinks of the game so far and what they’re most looking forward to. While the decision has been made to delay the launch of two point campus for a few months, the vision of the game remains the same.

Screenshot of the colon campus

two point campus lets you build the university of your dreams (or nightmares, we don’t judge), guide students from freshman year through graduation, and let them go wild with wacky classes like Knight School, fossil dig archeology, or even pizza baking. giants in Gastronomy and much more. On two point hospitalplayers couldn’t spend much time with the patients, considering they either healed up and went on their merry way or, you know, died. two point campus allows you to delve into the life of each student and guide them on their social and academic journey. You can offer them a host of enriching experiences, whether it’s clubs, social events, or more Cheesy Gubbins vending machines.

You’ll do it all in a campus designed by your own hand, down to the last desk and tree, offering far more customization than ever before. Maybe you’ll build a jousting arena for your brave Knight School students and a tower to practice dragon slaying, or maybe you want something a little more innovative, and your campus will be a haven for budding mad scientists and the construction of giant robots. .

Screenshot of the colon campus

If all of that sounds like a good time for you, you can make an order two point campus now and get some exclusive in-game items for both of you two point campus Y two point hospital. Campus players who pre-order will get the U-shaped “Topiary” garden decoration, the “Fountain of Knowledge” decoration, and their very own “Pearl of Wisdom”. Players who already have two point hospital and reserve two point campus you will receive the varsity jacket and armor from the game. two point campus launches August 9 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and is available on day one with Xbox Game Pass.

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Two Point Collection Early Adopter Bonus




If you pick up Two Point Campus early, you’ll get your hands on these classy bonus items with which to grace the grounds of your wonderful college creations. Decorate the garden with a ‘U’ shaped Topiary, quench your thirst for learning with the Fountain of Knowledge (but please don’t drink the water) and bask in the warm scholarly glow of your very own Pearl of Wisdom. But wait, that’s not all! If you also own Two Point Hospital, as a little extra treat, you’ll also get some campus-themed items to liven up your hospital with! Deck the place out in ornate knight armor, get a little bubbly with the Wizardry Caudron, cook up a feast in chef’s attire…and who wouldn’t want to get their hands on the splendid Campus jacket?! Now, isn’t that good for your health? (Please don’t answer that.)