New Report Reveals More Details About the Corporate Culture at Activision Blizzard

It seems that new reports are appearing almost daily about Activision Blizzard, and the corporate culture that led to the lawsuit filed by the State of California, with the latter again from Jason Schreier and Bloomberg, after speaking with more than 50 employees about the deep-rooted toxicity within the company.

According to this new report, it was really a top-down issue, something we’ve heard constantly since the lawsuit was filed with the company. The report details a previously unknown meeting where employees were given a reason for the firing of Ben Kilgore, former chief technology officer who was named in the lawsuit by only his title at the time.

“Derek Ingalls, now head of technology, was asked why his former boss had left. Ingalls told a short story that ended with some strange advice: “Don’t sleep with your assistant. But if you go to bed with your assistant, don’t stop.”

HR representatives attended the meeting but remained silent, according to the report. Female employees both still on Activision Blizzard and former employees note that comments like this are sexist and harmful to the women in the company.

Source – [Bloomberg]