New WWE 2K22 Trailer Shows New MyGM Mode

In anticipation of his hopeful comeback this Marchdeveloper Visual concepts just released a new trailer for WWE 2K22

The new trailer shows an all-new MyGM mode, where players can see if they can manage wrestling’s biggest stars.

Your job is to build the biggest brand in wrestling, if you choose between Adam PearceSonya Deville, Stephanie McMahon, and Shane McMahon

You can watch the latest trailer for: WWE 2K22 release on March 11, 2022 for yourself, here:

When this game comes out this will be the first WWE game since 2020after it was decided to try and take a year off the annual schedule to produce a better quality game.

The WWE 2K games have been struggling lately, with some releases having comically terrible bugs.

With this new release 2K is hopeful that the series can make some sort of comeback and hopefully regain the favor of the fans.

Source – [YouTube]