No Man’s Sky comes with Sentinel update

The updates for No Man’s Sky are flying around us. We are already well above ten major updates and the latest, Sentinel, also brings mountains of content. Check it out here!

It’s too much to list them all, but we’ll list it for you. First, the Planetary Sentinels are equipped with Hardframe Battle Mech. Despite the heavy armor, this Battle Mech is very manoeuvrable, due to the jetpack on its back. You now also get the option to place a Minotaur AI Pilot in your ExoMech, which ensures that this great mechanical friend follows you, and helps where necessary.

You can now also use a cloaking device, that makes you invisible, the balance in battles has been greatly improved, you can carry more Multi-Tools with you and the game has been made ready for the Steam Deck, including touch controls.

The Sentinel update also brings some graphical upgrades. Different weapons and tools have a graphic overhaul and look a lot sleeker. To make sure everyone can keep playing well, No Man’s Sky now also supports AMD Fidelityfx Super Resolution. This technique of scaling your resolution to get more performance from less hardware provides a smoother experience.

There is much more to discover, so be sure to check out the trailer below, or read the full patch notes on the No Man’s Sky website.