No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update

No Man’s Sky got another major update today in the form of Sentinel. The update added new enemies, a chance to own a friendly AI drone, and overhauled weapons. Despite this, the game’s creator Sean Murray has said that Sentinel is nowhere near the last game update.

No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update 3.8 Patch Notes

The No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update 3.8 is available today on PS5 and PS4. The update gets its name from the new sentry enemies, hardframe combat mechs that come with jetpacks, and weapons like flamethrowers, making them formidable foes. To counter this, players will have a new cloaking ability and a Minotaur AI Pilot sidekick that will fight alongside you in battle. Other changes include the overhaul of the weapon system and multi-tools, as well as some visual effects. You can find a full list of changes on the No Man’s Sky website

Murray told later IGN that the team still has plenty of ideas and features they want to add to the game, and that the team is far from done with the game, despite starting work on a brand new title:

As many updates as we’ve made since launch and as many bucket list items we’ve checked off, our list of things we’re excited about never seems to get any shorter. The team is always coming up with new things they want to do with the game: new content and features and areas for improvement.

I am amazed that the energy levels are now as high as they have ever been. We tend not to talk publicly about what’s on that list, but suffice it to say we’re far from done.

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