No Man’s Sky: The Sentinel Update Is Now Available


During the winter, the team No Man’s Sky enjoyed seeing Xbox and Game Pass travelers take the opportunity to earn rewards from the Expeditions we ran again over the holidays. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico). We’re also hard at work on some exciting surprises we have in store for this year, including the first update of 2022 coming to Xbox today, called Sentinel.

If you’ve ever tried to harvest resources from a heavily guarded planet, you’ll know that the Sentinels are a fearsome and omnipresent authority in the universe, protecting their territory from raiders. It doesn’t matter if they’re drones, towering walkers, or canine quadrupeds, the unsuspecting Traveler will unleash a Sentinel attack at his own peril.

Over time, experienced Travelers have become savvy about Sentinel defenses, and advances in technology and weaponry have diminished their ability to effectively protect their realms.

Seeing the threat posed by seasoned survivors and the way they have begun to pillage even heavily guarded planets, the Sentinels have developed a new and improved arsenal to bolster their defenses. New weapons, shields, new drone types, and an entirely new class of Sentinel Exomech mean combat will now be more intense than ever. Also, Mysterious Sentinel Pillars have been located, waiting for their robotic files to come to light for exclusive rewards.

Fortunately, Travelers won’t have to rely on their wits alone. Well, progress has been made on both sides and now, with all your experience, you can find an entire war chest with weapons to counter Sentinel’s biggest threat. Stun grenades, neutron cannons, your own automated AI hit-and-run mechanism, and much, much more.

The Sentinel update also reveals more details about the Sentinels’ lore, the Atlas, and their world of Glass. Where do they come from? Why are they so protective of their domains? If you manage to complete an extensive new chain of story-driven missions, you’ll unlock your very own drone companion.

More than five years and 17 updates later, many areas of No Man’s Sky have been improved, from base building to visuals to multiplayer. The list goes on. The Sentinel update represents a deep and comprehensive overhaul of one of the areas we haven’t focused on for a while: combat. We are so excited for you to play it! Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico).

Our journey continues!