NZXT’s H1 PC case was finally recalled for being too spontaneously flammable


PC hardware is expected to do a lot at any given time, but at the bare minimum, users need their luxury hardware so as not to spontaneously combust in a raging inferno. That’s the one safety check that parts maker NZXT hasn’t paid attention to, as the rather eye-catching H1 case it released shipped with a flaw that only pyromaniac would appreciate.

The company did a full soz guys lol when the news first broke, but if you need an example of how flammable the case was, check out these videos from Mark’s Tech and Gamer’s Nexus:

NZXT ended up doing some sort of total recall, in this case a quick supply of nylon screws that could be used to replace the metal screws that caused deadly fires. This solution aimed to solve the problem of the original screws, as Gamer’s Nexus proved in another video that the metal wire can get against the track in the circuits and cause a high voltage fire. Danger hazard, high voltage

Regardless, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has finally issued a full recall, which is nowhere near as dramatic as it sounds. The federal branch isn’t going to smash the doors of PC gamers huddled against a burning H1 in search of heat and scare off with their costly flammable PC case, but has instead recommended that consumers stop using the product and get the nylon threads. Or a refund for something that won’t ruin your newly acquired Nvidia GeForce 3080.

Last updated: February 19, 2021