One Shot (Rescue Mission). Exclusive interview with Scott Adkins

Today One-Shot (Rescue Mission) opens in cinemas and in cinemascomics we have interviewed its protagonist, Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins, star of one-shot He is a key figure in action movies and a renowned martial artist with a black belt in Judo, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Karate, Krav Maga, Capoeira and Jiu-jitsu. He began his career in Hong Kong in 2001 where he had the opportunity to work with professionals such as Jackie Chan and Corey Yuen. His villainous role in undefeated 2 by Isaac Florentine propelled his career in American commercial cinema and later participated in blockbusters such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Expendables 2, Hercules. The Origin of the Legend and Doctor Strange.

after starring One Shot (Rescue Mission), one of the most demanding shoots of his career, will play Keanu Reeves’ nemesis in the long-awaited fourth installment of John Wick. In addition, Scott Adkins has a successful Youtube channel where he interviews stuntmen and action movie actors in a weekly program called “The Art of Action”.

Full of adrenaline and extreme situations, ONE SHOT (RESCUE MISSION) is directed by British filmmaker James Nunn (Extreme Pursuit 5, Sniper). The script is signed by Jamie Russell, who makes his feature film writing debut here. Ashley Greene (Twilight Saga) and Ryan Philippe (Flags of Our Fathers) complete the cast of ONE SHOT (RESCUE MISSION), an exciting race against the clock set in a secret CIA base.

You can read the interview below in which we have also talked about John Wick 4 and the unfortunate accident in the Rust movies

Cinemascomics: Tell us about your character in One Shot

Scott Adkins: There is not much to say about my character, apart from the work he does. He is the leader of a team of Navy Seal’s and what he has to do is get to this kind of Guantanamo to extract a prisoner, the terrorists arrive, they are going to do something similar and they are much more numerous than them and they have to do everything possible to save their lives and that of this very important prisoner, who has very important information. It is true that since the film takes place in real time, no, they tell us things about the main character’s private life, but I think it is necessary, apart from the fact that he is very focused on his work, and that he will do anything necessary to carry out the mission.

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CMC: This is your third film with James Nunn, what is it like working with him?

SA: It’s true, it’s the third film, and I really like working with him. The first two went very well, so we decided to do this third one. We shot the second film in 2015, and that’s where this idea of ​​making a sequence shot came from, since that’s where we made a sequence of a fight in a sequence shot, and that’s when we decided to make an entire movie like that. He is a very intelligent person, and he has been the assistant director on several films, so he understands very well how to make a film, and how to work with actors, and I would love to work on more projects with him, of course.

scott adkins one shot

CMC: The film seems to be recorded in sequence shot, something really complicated. Tell us about the shooting process and how the scenes are coordinated so that there are minimal errors, because I understand that the margin of error between takes must be minimal.

SA: The truth is that as an actor, you really don’t want to be the actor who makes a mistake in such a long sequence shot, or the one who forgets one of the phrases he has to say, because you have the rest of the team looking at you, imagine shooting 5 minute sequence, and they look at you as if to say, “Very well, you screwed up”, and well, you don’t want to be that person, apart from everything, because you’re a professional, there’s money at stake, and you want to do it well, the truth is that yes, imagine what it’s like for a double in an action scene that after all the perfect scene and she is your double, and suddenly you annoy her, and he is exhausted, and has received the corresponding beating of the day because the scene required it and he can react badly, because just like you, they can do it with you , because people are already tired and there is a lot at stake.

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CMC: In the film you practically use all the weapons. Do you receive military training? And how many hours do you spend each day to keep fit?

SA: We had a good adviser, named Tom Lee, who told us how to get around, and how a team of Navy Seal’s would get around, and that was absolutely essential, without him it wouldn’t have been possible, and it also helps that since I was 10 years old I’ve been involved in martial arts and that helps me a lot in all these scenes. As for how much time I dedicate a day to training, 40 minutes a day of training is enough.

CMC: In your movies, have you ever gone overboard in an action scene where we saw that a kick or punch was real?

SA: The truth that many times, of course. The truth is that I have hit, and of course they have hit me, it is part of the job, you start fighting, it has to seem real and well sometimes it goes away. It’s actually more like a choreography than a fight, because it’s about making the perfect movements and making them look real, but you have to hit, I mean it has to look like you hit hard, and not really do it like that, but no it always works out for you, even I who have been in martial arts all my life also happens to you and suddenly you hit someone in the chest, you don’t hit them as hard as you could, but you do it in such a way that it seems real, now sometimes it happens, there are accidents and even in the face, as I said, they punch you, you move your face to make it look like they didn’t hit you, but sometimes they hit you, and you bleed, and it happens many times, and I would say it’s part of the work of an action movie.

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CMC: With all the firearms and after the unfortunate Rust incident, is there fear on set? And if you also check the actors and your weapons before you start shooting.

SA: In this particular film, it would have been too dangerous to use real firearms, we do 10-minute shots, go figure, that would have been crazy, so what fire was added afterwards. But to answer your question, on a film set, although it can be said that those responsible are both the people in charge and the actors, check, I think that an actor can never be blamed for something like that, after all, no it is his responsibility, there must be a person in charge, a person in charge of the weapons, and he has to check that the weapon is not loaded when it should not be, and if it is, explain and make the actor very aware when handling it of what he has to do. Therefore, in no case can an actor be blamed for something like this, because it is not his responsibility and with all the things he must do, on top of that, be aware of it.

CMC: Next year you release John Wick 4, playing Wick’s nemesis, what can you tell us about the new installment?

I can’t tell you much about the movie, but the people who work on the movie have been wonderful to work with, I love the franchise, and the John Wick franchise is one of the best in action movies.