Open reserve to double fiber speeds for free

Open reserve to double fiber speeds for free 3

In this world of rampant capitalism and exploitation, we don’t often get anything for free. However, it appears that this is exactly what is happening with Openserve customers as the fiber optic network provider has announced that they will offer free speed updates for FTTH lines to all customers starting March 2021.

Nothing. Yes, that’s right, Openserve has received Oprah Winfrey’s ghost and has decided to hand out an early Christmas to its 2.4 million customers.

The company announced (as reported by Business insider) that it now only offers a minimum of 25 Mbps for all of its lines, with most subsequent packets receiving double or more of the absolute speed, except for the top 200 Mbps packets, which instead will now just be a whole lot cheaper. Customers who feel they don’t need those faster speeds can also choose to downgrade depending on the terms of their existing contracts.

Open reserve to double fiber speeds for free 4

Pricing is ultimately set by the ISPs, but considering how they operate on the backbone of the various FTTH providers that bear the most costs, it should have a big impact across the industry. It may even prompt the rest of the competition to follow suit and improve its offering to customers to avoid the risk of losing business.

It’s great to see the cost of FTTH getting cheaper for many, especially given the need to work from home for people. This could be the first of a number of similar announcements this year as we will hopefully continue to decrease the cost of connectivity for many people.

Last updated: February 16, 2021