Operation Zeta: An adventure like no other

We are very excited to announce Operation Zetaour third game in the universe of inevitability. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico). Set in the same galaxy as its predecessors, this game was a totally new style for us; a cheerful space action title rogue lite. In this installment, we invite you to explore the war zone of Operation Zeta (a failed battle against the enemy of the galaxy: the Annihilators) with ten minutes to rebuild the remains of a ship stranded in space and escape your imminent demise. …

The pressure is on! Beat the clock by mastering a series of harrowing boss battles and timed puzzles. Along the way, you’ll meet a host of wacky NPCs whose quests will help you rebuild your ship. Upgrade and unlock 13 playable characters, each with their own stories and perks. As you progress, you will discover the lore of the great battle. What caused the war? What are the factions that divide the galaxy? Who are these pesky purrats (space pirate kitties) constantly stealing parts from your ship?

It was important to me that the world felt completely different and immersive with every playthrough. Every time the loop restarts, the randomly generated landscape changes completely. Enemies, items, parts, planets, and missions will be reconfigured to change the way you experience the galaxy.

One of the most immersive elements of the game is the real gravity mechanic that you will experience while playing the game. As a long time gamer and sci-fi enthusiast, I have played many outer space themed games. In Operation Zeta my intention was to make the space more than just a backdrop. By employing accurate gravity equations to scale, I achieved a realistic feel of space, albeit with a very unrealistic cast of super cute characters (like my kitty Louie).

In Operation Zeta Hours of adventure and annihilation await you. I had always dreamed of creating a game for my favorite console: Xbox. I had so much fun on this project and I hope you have fun playing it! Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico).