Outbreak: Contagious Memories is now available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

Hello survivors!

Get ready to relive the retro survival horror of the 90s with Contagious memories of the outbreak]now available in Xbox Series X|S Y xbox one through smart delivery. Designed to be a spiritual successor to 90’s game landmarks like resident Evil, Silent HillY Alone in the dark, you are trapped in a city devastated by the walking dead. Will you be able to get out alive? Join Lydia in the desperate fight to escape her, either alone or with a friend in cooperative mode. Read on for behind-the-scenes reveals and much more!


spiritual successor

The Outbreak The series is all about reliving terrifying moments from survival horror history, and Outbreak: Contagious Memories transports you to one of the most important times. The game is designed to play like a 90s narrative-focused adventure, including optional still camera views, strict inventory and resource management, shared item caches, limited consumable items to save, and much more. You can even choose to play with old school tank controls!

But for those who prefer a more modern interpretation of the greats, you can also choose between over-the-shoulder or first-person views with precise aiming and modern movement! This is also the first title in the Outbreak series to have full voice acting throughout the game, and it’s absolutely as cheesy as you’d expect!


Retro technical innovation

Imagine a 3D title from the late ’90s married to the next-gen tech of 2022, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of ​​where our nightmare is headed. Real-time reflections and shadows, dynamic gore that adheres to the environment, and much more meet high frame rates and fast load times. The environments will trap you with their dark and moody corridors, along with a fierce lightning storm raging everywhere. It’s just you and your flashlight hoping to find some respite in a world that is burning to the ground. Your enemies will use every advantage they can find to kill you, leaping from the shadows and surprising you just when you feel safest.


Outbreak: Contagious Memories is the most technically advanced title in the series and makes full use of Xbox Series X|S to power all these great effects while still supporting great frame rates, even in optional two-player co-op split screen! But for those of you who are still waiting to upgrade, you’ll find the xbox one Y xbox one x The versions of the title are tailored to those consoles, and still feature fast load times, fast frame rates, and more bells and whistles than you might think.


Bonus modes, unlockables and more!

This undead epidemic is packed with everything you’d expect from a ’90s survival horror. Experience the story mode, complete with cheesy voice acting and over-the-top gore, as you work with other survivors to escape a collapsing city around you. around. Once you’ve survived that nightmare, jump into the unlockable bonus mode, Operation: Rabid Wolf, an intense arcade experience inspired by the classic resident Evil Bonus modes where you battle your way through hordes of the undead through a wide cast of characters, each with their own loadouts, as you fight to rescue survivors scattered across the city. Finally, you’ll spend the points you earn to unlock gameplay modifiers like damage resistance, unlimited ammo, explosive ammo, and other fun modes that have to be seen to be believed.

All game content can be played solo or in two-player split-screen co-op. In co-op, you and your partner are on equal footing, with your own inventories, weapons, and a limited amount of health. They will have to work together to outwit hordes, solve puzzles, share resources, and survive. If either of you dies, it’s game over and you’ll go back to your last save point or worse, the start of the game!


Passion Project

The totality Outbreak The series is created by an indie developer dedicated to helping other fans of the genre travel back in time to the ’90s. The series now has seven unique entries, starting with a 2D aerial adventure in the original. Outbreak,to the action on the shoulder in Outbreak: Epidemic]and even semi-procedurally generated rogue adventures in Outbreak: Endless Nightmares. Experience the series at a great price with the Palladium Outbreak Collection Y Golden Sprout Collectionall of which include Outbreak: Contagious Memories!

dark room

We will see again

Thanks for reading and supporting the revival of classic survival horror. Dead Drop Studios has many more stories to share in the Outbreak universe, as well as some fun surprises ahead that you might not expect. Stay tuned as we fight harder in 2022 for more news. And don’t forget to pick up Outbreak: Contagious MemoriesNow available!

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Outbreak: Contagious Memories

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Outbreak: Contagious Memories is a parody of classic 90s horror series like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, where your survival is determined by moment-to-moment decisions, what you decide to wear, and how good you are at spotting handwritten notes. conveniently. . After being knocked unconscious, Lydia wakes up in an abandoned warehouse as the other survivors debate leaving her behind. No helpless maiden, Lydia takes charge of her, forging a path through cunning environmental puzzles and hordes of the undead to find a way for her and her fellow survivors to escape the city. Resources are scarce, is it worth that extra bullet to take down a zombie? Or maybe you should take your chances and try to dodge it. You will have to think quickly and decide the best way to approach each situation. A bullet saved is a bullet earned, but medical supplies are hard to come by in undead uprisings. It’s a nightmarish scenario, but you don’t have to do it alone, find a friend and work together to escape the city in fully integrated co-op, and view any scenario from the perspective that suits you best with fully integrated first person. 3rd person, and fixed cameras. Escape the zombie outbreak your way! Still hungry for more? With loads of unlockable bonus content like Operation: Rabid Wolf, work with or compete against your friends, whether it’s battling your way through the city to rescue survivors or beating the main game in record time with just your fists. With so much additional content to unlock, one run won’t be enough to see everything Outbreak: Contagious Memories has to offer. Features: Classic survival horror mechanics. Inventory and resource management, conveniently written and placed notes, backtracking and puzzles. Full cooperative integration, play the full game alone or with a friend! Integrated camera control, choose between first person, third person and classic still camera. Hordes of undead, mutated beasts and monsters with lots of extra teeth. Unlock Operation: Rabid Wolf, an arcade bonus game where you fight through the city alone or with a friend to rescue survivors. Lots of extra unlockable content and game modes. Voice acting that’s cheesy enough to put on a sandwich!