Outbreak: Shades of Horror demo is now available!


  • Cinematic online co-op survival horror from the 2000s lives on in Outbreak: Shades of Horror, just announced for Xbox Series X|S.
  • Experience the nightmare of the walking dead with cutting edge immersive graphics and classic survival horror gameplay.
  • Your choice of fixed first-person, third-person, or retro camera angles
  • Play the atmospheric single-player teaser demo now on Xbox Series X|S to get a taste of the fidelity and tone you’ll experience in the full release!

Hello survivors!

Outbreak: Shadows of Horror, A next-gen online co-op exclusive survival horror nightmare has been announced for Xbox Series X|S! Return to 2000s survival horror as you make your way through the opening hours of an outbreak of the undead in a major metropolitan city. Featuring cutting-edge graphics and physics, along with the classic survival horror gameplay you’ve come to expect in the Outbreak series, this is a new nightmare that you will have to see to believe. And to make it even better, we’ve got an atmospheric single-player gameplay demo available now on Xbox Series X|S so you can start getting to grips with the sights and sounds of Cypress Ridge.


Welcome to the Modern Age of Horror Survival

If you are familiar with the Outbreak series, you know we’ve been working hard to bring back retro survival horror. From 2D to stationary, over-the-shoulder, and finally first-person shooters, we’ve explored many different eras of the genre since the first Outbreak released in 2017.

But now is the time to fully embrace the future with an exclusive next-gen title. Built from the ground up on the latest graphics technologies, Outbreak: Shadows of Horror wants to merge a modern interpretation of the survival horror game with cutting-edge graphics and cinematic experiences. We want you to feel caught up in this undead apocalypse, and that includes making the sights, sounds, and settings more realistic. And best of all, this is the first Outbreak title on consoles to offer four-player online co-op. But if you have a friend at home, you’ll also have options to play four-player split-screen co-op!

Outbreak: Shadows of Horror is our most ambitious and expansive title to date. And we can’t build it without the fans. This is the first time we’ve attempted to crowdfund a big budget for one of our games, and we want you to be involved in developing and running the next generation of survival horror!


The story so far…

Outbreak: Shadows of Horror takes place in the large metropolitan city of Cypress Ridge, with a population of nearly a million souls, it’s a bustling, bustling urban setting. As the infection sweeps through the city, you’ll find yourself in the boots of everyday survivors, trying to find a way to escape. You are not here to solve a mystery behind the undead epidemic, or find a great cure, your only mission is to survive and not join the mobs of undead.

As you and your compatriots make your way through the city, you must search for resources and use whatever you can find to defend yourself. Make sure to explore thoroughly as you try to solve environmental puzzles to open a new path or avoid the oncoming hordes from chasing you. You can also find notes left behind by other survivors and residents of the town, with clues about the apocalypse and maybe even a helpful hint or password.

This cinematic nightmare brings the undead menace to life, and you’ll be lucky if you emerge in one piece.


We’re leaving Janky’s controls behind…

One of the biggest changes you will experience in Outbreak: Shadows of Horror are the modern controls at your disposal. You will fight to survive with your choice of first person shooter, third person over the shoulder shooter or retro fixed camera angle game. This isn’t a nightmare where you have to stand still as you fight to defend yourself, we’re bringing modern precision marksmanship and all the bells and whistles you expect in a modern action-adventure title, and blending it with classic survival horror. game motifs you miss from the 90s and early 2000s. We want this nightmare to be accessible and we want everyone to have fun while running for their lives!


Your ticket to visit Cypress Ridge…

Talk is cheap. We didn’t want to show up, promote the game, and then leave you with nothing to dirty your hands with. that’s why he Outbreak: Shadows of Horror The playable demo is now available on Xbox Series X|S. This limited atmospheric teaser puts you in the shoes of a survivor in first person shooter view mode. After waking up from a gruesome accident, you find yourself stuck in the middle of the city. You will need to explore thoroughly, find supplies and weapons, and determine how you will escape.


There are eight possible endings to this demo, and it is designed to give you the freedom of exploration to approach and solve this mystery, however you choose. But he won’t live forever, as his virus gauge fills up, he’ll find himself closer to joining the undead hordes. And if you’re not careful, a poorly timed shot or explosion can inflict a fatal wound, then it’s all over.

We hope you enjoy this short trip to Cypress Ridge and we’re very excited to show you more in our Kickstarter campaign starting August 31st.St.!


Support the Project!

on August 31St., 2022, we will be launching a Kickstarter to help drive funding to bring this title to life. Make sure you take some time to go through and follow the campaign. You’ll have the chance to get the title at a deep discount, buy physical merchandise, and even get your hands dirty researching enemies, items, weapons, and more in the full game if you so desire! We want Outbreak: Shadows of Horror to be built by survival horror fans, for survival horror fans, and we’re so excited to be working with the community on this ambitious project! Thanks and stay tuned!

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Outbreak: Shades of Horror Playable Demo

Dead Drop Studios LLC


After surviving a gruesome accident, you wake up in a city overrun by the walking dead. Find a way to escape before the infection consumes you in this next generation survival horror experience. The Outbreak: Shades of Horror Playable Teaser is designed to be an atmospheric demonstration of the tone and story of a single survivor. This demo can only be played in first-person view, but the full release will feature a large cast of survivors, and your choice of playing in retro still, over-the-shoulder view, or first-person shooter alone or with up to three friends. as you try to escape from the city.