Outlaws & Legends PS5 includes DualSense features

Hood: Outlaws & Legends pit two teams of four in a battle to steal treasure from a heavily guarded fortress. The game’s latest trailer provides an overview of what players can expect from the challenging heists. Throughout the heist experience, PS5 players will also benefit from a range of uses for the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Although loosely based on the Robin Hood legend, developer Sumo Digital takes liberties with his interpretation of events by sprinkling magic and other fantastic elements into the game. Each four-player team can be made up of characters with different abilities that match the strategy the team decides to follow. Both teams of bandits compete against each other to steal the riches seized from the people of the state. In between robberies, players can spend their ill-gotten winnings in their hideout. Give the money back to the people and the range of items in the store will increase. If you keep the money, you can actually buy it. Character skills can be improved with perks, and costumes and weapons can be changed.

Combat is one of the places where the DualSense features come into their own. Trigger resistance increases as players’ stamina decreases in melee combat. Aggressive haptic feedback represents the impact of the player, such as the “sharp blow of an arrow or the crushing blow of a hammer.” The blows that players deliver are represented by duller drumming, although it gets stronger as the damage increases.

Haptic feedback also works when players travel around the map. For example, players can feel the gravel underneath when they slide into cover or a big thud when falling from a height. Whether players grab the locks of doors or make their way, the feedback is representative. Character traits will also provide appropriate feedback.

In terms of the actual mission, the DualSense controller provides haptic feedback when the sheriff is close by showing the direction of his footsteps, and gets stronger the closer he gets. Whoever carries the treasure will also feel their own overloaded footsteps pounding through the controller. A fallen chest will disperse gold, while a chest must be successfully removed via a winch – each of these will also provide its own feedback.

Players will have the opportunity to experience all of this when Hood: Outlaws & Legends will be released on May 10 for PS4 and PS5. Those who pre-order will get access to the game three days earlier, on May 7th.

[Source: PlayStation Blog