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Once a close friend of Lian, Lillith was guardian of the Outlands under the Magistrate’s command. But when resistance fighters came to skirmish at the border, she was seriously injured. Cursing her fate as she walked away from life, Abyss reached out to her and offered her another chance, a power too great to refuse. Reinvigorated with an unnaturally long life and a cunning mind, Lillith made it her mission to spread this gift throughout the Realm, backed by her now-dark corner of the Magistrate’s former territory. But is this eternal life worth the cost?

Lillith’s ambitions push her further across the Realm, sweeping her enemies clean with the Crimson Heart, a dangerous weapon fortified by her foes’ blood.

Lillith, the Heartless is the new playable paladins champion, included in the Heart of Darkness update!

Paladins - Lillith Key Art

Lillith marks the next support champion to join the paladins ready. Through the manipulation of blood magic, Lillith has several ways to damage her enemies and heal herself and her allies. Her Blood Hex allows her to heal herself to damage an enemy or heal an ally, while her Swarm will allow her to channel a stream of bats that heal allies and damage enemies creating a danger zone. Finally, Lillith’s Ultimate summons Blood Moon, bringing her allies to life and greatly improving her physical abilities for a time, as well as increasing Lillith’s survivability with constant health regeneration. All of this should combine to create a well-built support to win a war of attrition, making her a terrifying foe. There is little you can do to escape Lillith’s dark gift no matter where you go.

Paladins - Lillith Key Art

Lillith isn’t the only new addition to the Realm with the Heart of Darkness update. Also launching is the new Lost Future Event Pass, which encourages players to save time from a dark future. Players can earn 24 rewards over the course of this Pass, including Corrupted Atlas, Corrupted Io, along with the recolors Vile Atlas and Frozen Moon Io. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the other fantastic Corruption-themed cosmetics included in the pass!

This update also includes a new Siege: Beyond Schism, the prototype tank! In this new mode, you will still capture the starting point as expected; however, the chariot will now move forward on its own, gaining or losing speed based on the number of enemies and allies in range. To stop the cart, the enemy team must destroy it; if he takes enough damage, the cart will break and become inoperable. The only way to get the cart working again is to repair it, of course, and it’s up to the push team to do that by controlling the points! This will continue until the timer runs out or the cart reaches the enemy base as usual.

Be sure to check out all the exciting new content available in the Heart of Darkness update, including new Limited Time Modes, new Golden Willo and Moji skins, and more available now at paladins on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

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